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5 Amazing Wedding Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Oct 08, 2015 | Posted by:  abi s

It makes sense to express your sincere gratitude to your bridesmaids, especially if they have made a lot of effort in helping you organize your wedding and ensure that your plans push through. Keychains and faux pearl jewelry are the usual gifts given to bridesmaids, but you can go beyond the norm and consider these five amazing wedding gift ideas that are memorable and will surely be loved by your best friends or sisters:
                 wedding favors for bridesmaid
1. Things they can wear

Wearable gifts are popular with bridesmaids—especially items that go well with their dress. Choose something that they can wear on other occasions or with their casual clothes, too. Personalized or engraved jewelry is a good option with their name or a special message from you. If you feel more generous, consider giving comfortable flats that they can wear during the reception and with their other outfits.

2. Things that are useful

Practical gifts do not have to be boring. Consider personalized trinket or jewelry boxes with an engraving of their names, monogrammed tote bags or purses, or a monogrammed cashmere throw.

3. ‘Experience’ gifts

Treat your bridesmaids to activities you think they can enjoy, such as skiing, rock climbing, or sky diving. If they are not the thrill-seeking type, consider booking a day at the spa for everyone, or sign up for an activity that they have always wanted to try with you.

4. Grab bags and gift baskets

If you cannot decide on a single gift, why not combine them? Consider making a 'bridesmaid survival kit' with things you think they could use, such as a sewing kit, a small bottle of scotch or champagne, a tankard, lip balm, pain reliever, or mints. You can include pamper sets, too, such as bubble bath, fluffy slippers, bath salts, and luxurious soaps.

5. Gadgets
If you are feeling a bit more generous, and you only have a few bridesmaids, consider giving them something that they are sure to love, such as a trendy timepiece, a digital camera, game console, or mp3 player.


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