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7 essential wedding hairstyle tips for bride

Oct 31, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

Wedding is accompanied by a lot of stress and work for the couple and on top of that they have to keep themselves in perfect look. This involves a lot of effort especially on the part of bride. Maintaining her dress, make-up and hairstyle is really important. Here we are describing a few necessary things that will help you in maintaining the perfect wedding hairstyle.
1.    Hair treatment- if you are planning on getting your hair colored or treated, it is advisable to do it at least one month before the wedding. This will give your hair a natural appearance and in case something goes wrong, you will have sufficient time to fix it.
2.    Keep them loose- on the wedding day do not go for the final hair-do too early. Also the hairstyle should not be pulled back too tightly. This will only result in unnecessary strain and your scalp will start to hurt.
3.    Hair cut- if you want to get your trimmed, do it a few weeks earlier. This will eliminate the split-ends and will impart your hair a neat look.
4.    Choosing your style- you can look in the bridal magazines or over the internet sites such as Pinterest to finalize on your hairstyle.
5.    Consultation- it is better to consult more than one hairstylist once you have finalized your favorite style. You can ask your regular stylist for recommending someone who specializes in your select style.
6.    Accessorize- you can enhance your look by accessorizing your hairstyle with jeweled barrettes, feathers or bird-cage veils.
7.    Be yourself- do not choose an overly complicated hairstyle that might steal your regular look. Also with a simple hairstyle you won’t have to be worried about your hair every now and then.


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