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7 Reasons why you should download wedding countdown app on your iPad while planning your wedding

Apr 23, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

The special day that will lead to the next phase of life requires a lot of care from the beginning of the event till the end. A proper plan is required in order to make the special day a day which has colorful memories which can be cherished until the last breath. Gone are the days where the planning a wedding requires lots of effort and research. Everything is simplified with iwedplanner where planning your wedding keeping track of the time can be done with the help of the wedding countdown app. This iPad application can be downloaded from the apple store which doesn’t charge you for downloading. Know the reasons why you should download the app while planning your wedding,
  • Keep track of the days: The wedding count help to keep track of the days which is remaining until your special day and schedule the plan accordingly.
  • Remember everything:  Downloading the wedding countdown app and making plans with its help you to remember everything required for the special day. This will help you not to leave anything behind while making the plan.
  • Customizable: The wedding countdown app from iwedplanner allows the user to customize the options according to their ideal wedding idea a and allows to make the plan accordingly. The features such as add, edit and delete feature helps to do so.
  • Share your countdown: The bride or the groom can share their wedding countdown with each other or with anyone to remember the days remaining for the special day.
  • Remainder Alerts: Remainder of the upcoming events and the things to do on the day will be reminded with the help of this application as an alert. It alerts on the time interval of one, three or five days, which allows you not to forget any event.
  • User friendly:  This application is designed in a user-friendly manner, thus does not require any special skills to use it.
  • Time saver: Above the all the advantages you can enjoy it reduces lots of time and effort without compromising anything.


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