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A complete guide Wedding Do s and Donts The secrets that no one reveals

Jun 11, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

 But do you know there still remain some do and don'ts secrets that no one reveals? We at iwedplanner reveal those secrets that will be helpful for your wedding planning process.
  • Do use of the technological advancement in case of the wedding planning. Make use of the wedding planner application. If you are going to use one, then use the best wedding app. iwedplanner will help you to make the most important decisions in the beginning, draw the budget and will save more time. Doing this will award you the bonus of stress-free stunning look on your special day.
  • Don't overdo with your makeup or the wedding dress. You may not notice it but your wedding photos won't hide it. So be careful about what you are wearing.
  • Do hire professionals. It is a wise thought to hire professionals as a photographer, DJs , makeup artists and so on instead of requesting a friend or family member to take charge of it. You may feel it will reduce your budget but think smart you may feel it is not a great job. Hiring a pro will not allow any complications. iwedplanner has details about each and every vendor required for your event with the reviews from the users who have tasted their service. Choose the one whom you find the best.
  • Don't forget to inform your preferences to the vendors. The makeup you like to have, the photography style preferred and so on. Discussing the details with them help to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Do check all the arrangements personally to avoid any issues and to have a stress-less wedding.
  • Don't forget to monitor your phone. With the nervousness, excitement and enthusiasm you may travel in a different world on your special day. You may forget your gadgets. So it is a wise option to have a phone monitor who will help you not to miss any important calls on your special day.
Following the do's and don'ts will help you to have a peaceful wedding. It is important to remember that choosing the best wedding app will help (play a major role) for a successful wedding with a good wedding planner.


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