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A Guide To Serving Wedding Beverages and free wedding iPad app

Jun 08, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. A wedding reception is the celebration after the ceremony and this is what most couples spend hours agonizing over. They want the celebration to be something that their guests will always remember. Drinking is very much a part of the celebration, whether it be alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, the drinks must be memorable as well. Of Course you will serve Champagne or a similar sparking wine or cider, but what else. There are many courses to be had and dancing will make people thirsty. What will they find at your bar? Will it be an open bar or will they be expected to pay for their drinks? These are questions that you must answer well before the day arrives.


The first thing on the list is to make sure of is the alcohol rules of the venue you are using. If the caterers are handling the drinks as well as the food then you are in luck. If they are not it will fall to you to not only stock the bar but also to hire bartenders. Instead of trying to offer a complete bar menu, have a few selections. Make sure there is enough of each selection to last a few hours even if people have more than 2 drinks. If you use a formula that gives you 2.5 drinks per adult for each beverage choice you will be in great shape.

If you are serving champagne this could get really expensive. Have on hand enough of the bubbly to serve each guest one glass for every round of toasts that you are expecting. You can also substitute a sparkling wine or cider. Not every one will be an alcohol drinker. This is especially true if you are inviting children. What you are serving for dinner and dessert will dictate which wines are served.  

If you have to purchase wine, bear or other alcoholic beverages it may be more economical to contact a beer distributor or seek out deals at local liquor stores. Many beverage wholesalers are willing to make deals for quantity purchases. Liquor distributors may also make deals where you get a great discount in exchange for a few strategically placed advertisements. Explore all of your options before making a final decision. Let our experts at show you all of the ways to save while you plan the most spectacular day of your life. Our free wedding planner tools, that include a wedding website that you design yourself can give you that added confidence when tackling such a huge and important job. Download the free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and android. 



Post By:KatherineCreated Date:Feb 07, 2014
How to Serve a wedding beverage during the wedding reception was explained in a right manner in this blog. These are some valuable tips for the wedding couples.
Post By:jermilaCreated Date:Jan 21, 2014
Thanks for your wonderful guide on wedding beverages it was so nice to read and arrange the wedding beverages.
Post By:ReginaCreated Date:Jan 04, 2014
A nice guide on serving the wedding beverages to the guest who present of the wedding really a fantastic post to read.
Post By:simonCreated Date:Nov 19, 2013
Wow wonderful article you shared.The wedding caterers server is a important in your wedding event and this article gives many information about the wedding caterers for you.
Post By:BarbarajonesCreated Date:Oct 25, 2013
Nice photo you shared with us thanks.This article tell's more idea about the wedding caterer and wedding vendor details. Very informative keep it up ...
Post By:goldjobCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
artificial was so good Serving Wedding Beverages is nice thanks
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