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Accommodations For Your Wedding Guests and free iPhone wedding app

May 23, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

While it is not required that a host pay for the accommodations for their out of town wedding guest, it is a great show of concern and consideration if you do provide them with information for affordable wedding accommodations. When the wedding reception is being held in a hotel, it is a simple matter to work with the hotel. Many will offer you a discount for 10 or more overnight guests. You can easily reserve a block of rooms after you have made your guests list. And will appreciate being able to start her upstairs to bring in a will also eliminate the likelihood of someone drinking and driving.

                Wedding Guest Accommodation

Include guest accommodation information on the save-the-date card. You can also put this information on your wedding website. Invitations are often sent out much too late for most people to make their travel arrangements. If you are not having a wedding reception at the hotel and are looking for affordable wedding accommodations for you and hear are some tips that will help you along the way:

  • Start with hotels closest to the wedding and reception venue. You will also want to find a hotel or several hotels in a variety of price points.

  • Talk to the hotel salespeople directly, by using this tactic you can often get better deals especially when you’re booking a lot of rooms.

  • Once you’ve booked the rooms make certain that you include the distance from the venue. The hotel’s website address, as well as a short description and even a map.

  • Most hotels require that you use a code word when claiming a reserved room. Without this word and will be charged full price if they are discount will so make sure you included on your wedding website as well as on their accommodation card.

  • Unfortunately, sometimes the best deal may not be as close to continue as you would like if the majority of it and are staying at a hotel farther from your venue, you may want to have a member of the wedding party or hirer a minibus to provide transportation on your wedding day for the guests. This assures no one gets lost in everyone arrives at the wedding on time.

There are many options for housing wedding guest. Some interesting ones include renting large homes, while this is expensive it could work, especially if you have several people pitching in. Then there is always the bunking with family members route. Whatever you choose you will have a grand old time at the wedding you planned using tools found on



Post By:RogerCreated Date:Feb 01, 2014
Wedding guest accommodation was easy for me with the use of this website as i located the best wedding hotels with this wedding planner app.
Post By:harrisCreated Date:Jan 18, 2014
Wedding guest accommodation is a big issue in planning a wedding and you gave the wright ay how to accommodation the wedding guest.
Post By:lisaCreated Date:Jan 02, 2014
Accommodating the wedding guest is the major issue in planning wedding and you have just explained the right way to accommodate my wedding guest
Post By:BarbarajonesCreated Date:Nov 13, 2013
This wedding planner app using to give a best accommodations for your wedding guest and its now easy to planner your wedding event.
Post By:jenniferCreated Date:Oct 24, 2013
This is such a good post. Hotels are better places for weddings and these hotels are fantastic and attention-grabbing for everyone.Thank you for sharing this information. Keep it up!
Post By:danileCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
wonderful article to know about wedding seating chart. It's gave four beautiful tips to arrange the seat
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