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Advice on Choosing Romantic Honeymoon Destinations for a Lifetime of Memories

Oct 15, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

With budget flights and affordable hotels, couples can now plan honeymoons to virtually anywhere in the world. Your destination choices are almost limitless—whether you want a villa in Bali, a romantic ride in Marrakech, or a nice chalet in Switzerland.
1. What type of honeymoon experience do you want? If you prefer to do as little as possible during your honeymoon, then an all-inclusive beach destination in the Caribbean might fit the bill. If you are culture vultures, then an old-world city like Paris might be more your style. For adventurous couples, active honeymoons with ballooning, hiking, or kayaking in exotic places like New Zealand and South Africa are suitable.                 
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2. How long can you be away? Factor in the distance and required travel time when deciding on your honeymoon.
3. What is your budget? Don’t go overboard, but don’t skimp either. It’s important to be realistic. Most newlyweds are looking for luxury, but if the five-star price range is too steep, don’t worry-you can still get the luxe holiday on a shoestring. For example, you can still stay in the Ritz Carlton but cut the vacation to just a few days. You can also pick a luxurious destination that is nearer your home, so you don’t have to spend too much on airfare.

Here’s another money-saving tip: Did you know you can tastefully ask for honeymoon money from your guests? Register for a honeymoon (instead of traditional wedding gifts) so that your guests can contribute toward your trip. This is a great idea especially if you and your spouse were already living together before you got married, and therefore have all the home appliances you need.
4. Consider hiring a travel agent. While it’s possible to plan your entire wedding honeymoon online, a travel agent can sometimes save you time and money by streamlining the process. They also have access to exclusive discounts you might not find on your own. Work with a travel agent who specializes in arranging romantic getaways.


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