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Avoid Nasty Wedding Budget Surprises Using Wedding Planning Budget App

Jan 09, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

You do not have to be OCD to organize a wedding. While you may feel that you do not have what it takes to plan the wedding and reception, there are free wedding planner apps for iPhone and iPad that can help. These along with wedding websites like iwedplanner can show you how to plan the event from start to finish. You can find assistance with everything from choosing the right wedding dresses to articles about the best way to arrange seating. The free wedding planning apps also lists vendors that you will need, caterers, photographers and even bridal stores. The wedding planning website offers you the option of getting your wedding RSVP’s via email, complete with an automatic counter so you will have numbers handy for the caterers and to plan your wedding favors.

On of the first things you need to do in the planning process is to set the wedding budget. To this end you can use the handy wedding budget calculator that is found on the mobile app or on the website. Start by listing all of the sources that you are expecting to receive monetary gifts from, and list the estimated amounts of these gifts. Once you have a good idea of the amount of cash, credit and loans that you have at your disposal it will be easier to plan the rest of the budget. The wedding budget is one of the first acts that you should undertake as a unit.

If the two of you cannot sit down and plan to spend money together it is a bad omen for the rest of your lives. Doing the wedding budget together will be a learning experience. There is statistical proof that shows most marriages fail in the first ten years, most often the cause sited is not infidelity but arguments about finances. Learning each others spending habits (good and bad) early on will save you a few headaches and heartaches in the future. If you are planning a wedding on a tight budget one of the most useful resources you have as a couple is friends and family.

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The next thing is to remain realistic when planning your wedding budget. Just because you have to be economical doesn’t mean your wedding has to lack style or magic. There is a breakdown for the expenses for a wedding. You can expect to spend the largest portion of the money on these items, the wedding dress and rings, the wedding cake, the venues, the reception food and drinks, transportation and the photographers. The remainder will be taken up with decorating the halls, linen, flowers, place settings and flatware, and of course the music for the event.

By taking the time to set a minimum and a maximum amount that you will spend on a given item you can avoid any nasty price surprises later on. When you set the wedding budget, there is one more thing you need to set and that is your mind. Make up your mind to stick with the budgeted prices that you have set for each item at all cost. While you may be forced to relent on some things, it should be a last resort.



Post By:markCreated Date:Jan 08, 2014
wedding planning budget App so useful for planning wedding thanks for the app user friendly for my iphone
Post By:lorna Created Date:Nov 20, 2013
This is nice message for wedding planners to arrange the wonderful wedding venues for wedding. Here the wedding venues are looks so nice. Here discussed more information. about budget planning
Post By:NancyCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
This budget planning feature in this app was very useful to calculate my budget for each categories for my wedding.
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