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Benefits of Ordering Flowers from Local Flower Shops

Jun 07, 2016 | Posted by:  abi s

Flowers play an important part in your wedding. You will be holding flowers as you walk down the aisle, and later, you have to throw the bouquet for the next bride-to-be. Your entourage will also be carrying or wearing bouquets and corsages. What’s more, the wedding venue and reception will be decorated with wonderful flowers. Make sure to order your wedding blooms from local flower shops. Here’s why:
  1. Fresh flowers – If you order from other locations, the flowers that will arrive on your wedding venue may not be as fresh and might look a bit ruffled due to travel. Local flower shops will be able to supply fresh and beautiful flowers.
  2. Better prices – It’s no secret that flowers are expensive. You can help lower costs by ordering from local flower shops to reduce delivery charges (if not remove it all together).
  3. Better services – Local flower shops usually have a sense of community. They always want to do a good job because they know that their local business will thrive with word-of-mouth advertising. If you know the local florist, you might even get special rates or freebies.
  4. Help out the community – Local flower shops need all the business they can get. You can do your part for the local economy by buying local.
  5. Trusted reviews – You can get a better handle of what to expect when you purchase from local flower shops. Ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues about the services and products provided by local flower shops. It’s also easier to do a site visit. Local flower shops have most probably been tried and tested. They can be more trustworthy as opposed to other flower shops you just see online.
Make sure to order flowers in advance especially if you are looking to get exotic or rare bouquets and table settings for your wedding. You may also ask your local florist for advice on which flowers will be best for your special day.


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