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Benefits Of Premarital Counseling

Feb 13, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

So you are planning a wedding, there are hundreds of things on your to-do lists aren’t there? Well add one more thing and make it a priority. Premarital counseling is one of the many items that may get overlooked when wedding planning is in full swing. Many couples spend a year or more planning a wedding but not much thought is given to what comes next.
                   Premarital Counseling
The simple fact is many marriages end in divorce before the 5th anniversary. The reason for this is that most couples are not truly prepared for the realities of married life. A marriage takes work and if you aren’t ready to give as well as take you could be in for a rough ride. Premarital counseling can help you to strengthen the bond between the two of you as well as provide tools necessary to keep the flame burning. Below are just a few of the many benefits to be obtain from professional marriage counseling.
  • Studies have shown that couples who get premarital counseling are getting divorced 31% less than couples who don’t.
  • Start conversations about the things that are vital to a relationship.
  • Gain conflict resolution skills and learn to communicate more effectively
  • Talk about things that you may not have been aware of before that could ultimately create tension in a relationship
  • Become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a couple
There are many obstacles to wedded bliss. Money problems, adultery, child rearing techniques, even whether or not the toilet paper should face in or out has been cited as an irreconcilable difference. These are things couples seldom think about until they are faced with the reality after the wedding. Premarital counselors will take you on a journey of discovery and help you to open discussions on everything from religion to weight gain.
It may surprise you to know that many counselors suggest involving the in-laws in some sessions. Why? Well when you marry you do not just marry each other you blend families. Familial dynamics can help or hurt a new marriage. Paying attention to how the person interacts with their family can give you clues to what obstacles you may face later on. Every family has some level of dysfunction and knowing up front what you will face at family gatherings is a wise decision.
Most religions encourage their young couples to attend classes before they will agree to officiate their ceremony. Secular couples can also benefit from professional counseling before they take that walk down the aisle. Look for premarital counseling workshops and professionals using the handy resource guide on the iwedplanner website.


Post By:kallisCreated Date:Apr 12, 2014
How premarital Counselling play a important aspect before marriage was explained perfectly in this blog. Some valuable info for the couples.
Post By:SheebaCreated Date:Feb 13, 2014
I just understood the important benefits of premarital counselling through this most you have shared an valuable info for the couples who are going to marry.
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