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Buy Lavish Italian Wedding Cake Online

Feb 09, 2016 | Posted by:  abi s

Getting married during wedding season can be extra challenging in terms of planning and preparations. Fortunately, technology can help you catch up with the bulk of the work through wedding planning apps and websites that specialize in all things bridal. One of the many things that require your careful decision-making is ordering your wedding cake.
                   lavish italian wedding cake
While cake-tasting may look and seem like a lot of fun, it can also cost you a great deal of time and money, especially when you don't have any idea as to the kind of wedding cake you would want to have as a centerpiece for your reception setup. If you want something unique-tasting and different than traditional wedding cakes served in every other wedding reception, go for a lavish Italian wedding cake.
The classic Italian wedding cake is a scrumptious 3-layer cream cake filled with finely chopped nuts and coconut in every layer. Its texture is as dense as that of a carrot cake, making it perfectly delicate and decadent for a wedding celebration (or any other special occasion, for that matter). When ordering online, here are important points you should consider:
•Order a wedding cake that is big enough for your wedding party. Consider how many guests you are expecting. While the norm today is to order individual cake boxes for your guests to partake in the ceremonial cake cutting, there is something quite special about seeing a tall piece of a desert as the focal point of a reception stage.
•Make the cake design a personal choice. You want your wedding cake to be representative of something personal and special. In keeping with your wedding theme, make sure that your cake design is something that can be integrated into your overall staging design, unless you want it to stick out more than anything else in the room.


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