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Catering Hidden Fees That Will Sink Your Wedding Budget

Feb 06, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

When planning a wedding it is easy to go over budget. One place this happens without warning is the wedding catering. With every wedding vendor there will be fees that you may be unaware of and this will add up fairly quickly. When you make your estimations you could be as much as 50% off base.
This is why it becomes imperative that you ask for a full estimate from the top of the conversation. What most wedding caterers quote you is a vase price, often the things that you cannot do without are tacked on at the end raising the price dramatically.
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What should be included catering contract?
Details of the event:
Length of time at venue
Cost by item:
  • Number of guest
  • Price per plate – child/adult
  • How pricing is to be determined (it is different by-the-plate or guest than a buffet)
  • Market price for specialty items this is important if you plan to serve fine fish, lobster, crab, shrimp or any other seasonal food item.
  • Cost of rental items that are provided by the caterer (i.e. serving utensils, tables, food warmers, chairs, glassware, china and the like).
  • Total estimated costs for the reception, including any fees, surcharges and taxes.
Staff and Services:
  • The number bartenders and servers per guest.
  • Who will be overseeing the staff
  • Who will be responsible for setting up cleaning up and breaking down the equipment for the event
  • What type of service would be extended at the event (generally it is either sit down, buffet, pass the tray or a combination of that).
  • Attire of servers and bartenders should be spelled out.
  • How much for the servers or bartenders, whether it’s an hourly rate or flat rate. This should also include a rate for overtime for both service staff and bartenders
Menu items:
  • How many horses will be served, including hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour
  • What will be the menu for each course
  • Specialty menus for vegetarian or children meals.
  • How to go snacks will be handled (where and when they will be available)
  • The size, style, design flavor and costs for the grooms cake and the brides packaging of to go cake for guests to take own wedding cakes (personalize cost and total costs is applicable)
  • Any special arrangements that are necessary for the packaging of to go boxes of cake for your guests also what arrangements have been made for the preservation of the top-tier of the wedding cake
Bar costs
if the caterer is going to be responsible for your bar service, you will need an itemized list of the types of alcohol that will be served along with…
  • When the cocktail hour will be.
  • How long the bar will be open.
  • What wines will be served during dinner.
  • What is the cost for the different mixers, condiments and nonalcoholic beverages
  • What beverages will be served during dinner, including coffee, tea, soft drinks.
  • Is there corkage fee.
  • Is there a buyback policy
  • If you are serving your own alcohol. You should also check with your caterer about when and where your deliveries should come in.
As you can see there are a lot of details that should be included in your catering contract. Planning the meal will be an exciting time for you, but in your excitement. Please do not forget if you can think of it, and asked for them to do it, it will probably have an additional charge attached to it. Anything that you decide that you want, no matter how small, should be put in writing, along with how much it will cost. This will prevent any surprises and keep your wedding budget intact.


Post By:benjohnCreated Date:Feb 06, 2014
A very good note on catering hidden cost and how one can easily lose their budget while planning a wedding catering.
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