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Choosing Stunning Engagement Rings from a Wide Collection

Dec 15, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

Shopping for an engagement ring is always an exciting time. To seek the help of a close friend may be a good idea if you don't know the first thing about rings, but these tips might just do the job to help you decide on the perfect ring to buy for your fiancée-to-be:
  • The shape of the stone matters most, settings are second. Before you think about the 4Cs of a diamond, know the shape that your fiancée prefers. The shape, as opposed to cut refers to the actual geometry of the diamond or stone, as opposed to the angles of its facets. Common shapes used in rings include round, emerald, asscher, radiant, princess, cushion, pear, oval, and marquise.
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  • Quality setting is also an important consideration. Setting refers to the metal framework where the stone is mounted. This sets the tone of the ring a bezel setting creates a nice modern twist to a round stone, but a classic four-prong setting is a better choice for an oval stone. You can ask your jeweler about these details to make sure you get the perfect setting for your ring.
  • Understand what your future fiancée likes. While most couples today do ring shopping together, nothing beats the surprise of presenting an engagement ring during proposal. Spy on her personal style for the full surprise effect.
  • The type of metal used on the ring should also be a concern. There is a wide variety of metals that jewelers use for engagement rings, the most popular of which is platinum. Platinum is extremely durable and pure. Its color complements any type of diamond, including colored ones and platinum makes a great hypoallergenic choice for those with sensitive skin, thanks to its purity.
  • Lastly, work your budget well and buy a ring that will not necessarily put you into major debt. Shop wise and you will get the perfect ring to put on your financée-to-be's finger.  


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