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Choosing the Right Tuxedo Rentals for Your Wedding

Oct 15, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

Have you decided to rent instead of buying a tuxedo for your wedding? Then you made a practical choice, especially if you don’t think you’ll need a tuxedo again soon. There are plenty of stores offering wedding suits and tuxedos for rent. How do you decide where to go? Here are some factors to consider.
1. Make sure the tuxedos are local. You don’t want the stress of finding out the morning of your wedding that your outfit is still being shipped from another part of the country. Choose a local tuxedo rental company to be sure. They can take care of any last minute alterations and adjustments. A store with a large local inventory can even give you a whole new tux if something goes wrong.
                Right Tuxedo Rentals
2. Are their tuxedos current? Sadly, some rental companies fail to keep their inventory up to date. If you spot pleated trousers, run away. They’re obviously stuck in a bygone era. You want a store that offers slim fitting tuxedos and flat front pants made with softer fabrics.

3. Choose a tuxedo rental company with a wedding focus. Some of the best ones have weddings as their core business. Their stylists are familiar with the latest trends, colors, and style options for weddings.
4. If the rental doesn’t fit, will there be hidden charges for alterations? Most companies will gladly alter the tux if you they made measurement errors.
5. Can they work on your budget? The tux rental company should be able to offer you a classic, no-frills wedding tuxedo for less than $100. If you prefer designer fabrics and a bigger budget, they should be able to offer you a nice selection, too.
6. They should have a large inventory. Besides, you might want something that suits your wedding theme. This is why it’s important to choose a rental company with an enormous inventory to meet all your unique needs. They should offer the tux, shirts, ties, trousers, and vests. The best wedding tuxedo rental stores price items ‘ala carte’ so you never pay for items you don’t need.


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