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Choosing Winter Wedding Dress And Attire

Oct 11, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

The season you are getting married in will affect the wedding dress and attire for the guests as much as it does the bridal party. Spring and summer weddings are perfect for short flirty dresses and for the most part less material is best in the hotter months. Guest can choose their wedding attire from a number of beautiful lightweight fabrics. In winter there is the cold to contend with. It is especially challenging for people who live in climates that experience temperatures that are below zero moat of the winter months.
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Two things that a bride must consider when choosing winter wedding dresses. The first is the length of the dress and whether or not to have a train. You may choose to wear a short dress but then you have to consider wearing tights instead of nylons for warmth. And wearing boots to the wedding venue to avoid having cold feet literally.
Wedding dresses that just barely brush the ground are ideal for warmth. Of course you can choose a train of any length that you want, but remember that you run the risk of it getting dragged or dropped in slushy and dirty snow or just a damp sidewalk or parking lot. If you choose a long train, plan to have an assistant at your side to carry it for most of the day.
Since many winter weddings are held during the Christmas holidays wedding dresses tend to take on characteristics reminiscent of that magical time. You will see more designs that incorporate full, caps and 3/4 length sleeves. With a sleeved wedding dress you run the risk of sweating so make sure the fabric is one that breathes. For formal winter weddings a dress with a high collar adds to the elegance and stateliness of the event.
If you are invited to attend a winter wedding don’t think that you are relegated to darker somber colors. The trick to winter wedding attire for women is the layering. Start with a thick sexy hose, paired with a closed toe heel and a jacket that makes a statement. Accessories with a bit of bling and light makeup, you will be elegantly attired and warm. Find more tips for appropriate wedding dresses and attire on the iwedplanner website.


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