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Different Types Of Wedding Cakes

Jan 30, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

While you are using your free wedding apps for iPhone and iPad to find the best wedding cake vendors in your area, you probably have never given a thought to how this tradition got started or how many different types of wedding cakes that there really are.
                                         The tradition of the bridal cake has a long and very strange history. Not everyone agrees about certain aspects of it but all seem to think it began with the Roman tradition of the groom eating barley bread and subsequently breaking the loaf over the head of the bride. This had something to do with his ownership of the bride and possibly fertility.
The tradition of the cake has actually been a blending of many traditions. The height of the wedding cake stems from a tradition that dates back to the medieval times. They stacked cakes as high as possible and tried to kiss over them without toppling the cakes. During the mid-17th century to the beginning of the 19th century, a tradition of serving what was called the “bride’s pie”. It was considered impolite to not eat a piece of the bride’s pie. The bride’s cake was usually a fruit cake or plum cake. How many people do you know actually eat fruit cake?
             Wedding Cakes
Now the cakes have taken on a life of their own there are many different styles and varieties to choose from. The style of the wedding cake ultimately will depend on the couple and their wedding venue. Many brides fall in love with a wedding cake in a magazine and insist on it, even if it doesn’t fit their style, wedding venue or budget. It is possible to find affordable wedding cakes using the free mobile apps. Below is a list and description of the most popular trends, we hope this will help you to solidify your wedding cake ideas.
The classic wedding cake can be either round or square. It has multiple tiers and has to have cream or fondant icing. Tiers are stacked, freestanding or on pillars. Although fruitcake is not a trend many brides opt to make the smallest cake in the tier a fruit cake to save for the first wedding anniversary. The rest of the cake can be marble, caramel, white or chocolate.
Lace cakes are big this wedding season, this fits well with the vintage inspired wedding dresses that are popular now. The black and white cake is also trending right now. These looks great on a table that has a vintage look tablecloth, candles and backdrop.
This is perfect for buffet style receptions. The cupcakes are beautifully decorated and stacked high. The fact that they come with their own individual wrapper makes this a great choice for outdoor receptions.
Use your wedding planner to find affordable wedding cakes and even more information to help you make a wise choice. Check out photographs and more at, when you download your free wedding planner apps for iPhone and iPad.


Post By:markCreated Date:Jan 03, 2014
Beautiful wedding cakes in this post and it's looks so cute. The cakes are made attracting to buy for wedding day celebration. I like this post and thanks for your sharing
Post By:alstercookCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
These wedding cakes look great and It was an nice article to read something interesting about wedding cakes.
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