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Emerging Trends in Bridesmaids Dresses and Accessories

Feb 13, 2015 | Posted by:  abi s

Bridesmaids are often told not to outshine the bride on her wedding day. They’re often asked to wear dresses that will not draw attention from the bridal gown, and use minimal accessories or simple jewelry. But bridesmaids want to look pretty on your special day, too. If you are the bride and you are planning your bridesmaids' attire, these trends should help you pick the right dress and accessories that can make them look and feel great.

          Trends in Bridesmaids Dresses & Accessories


  1. Pick a color that matches your motif or theme, and then let them pick the silhouette.
    It is okay to make your bridesmaids color-coordinated, but consider choosing only the fabric and color. Let them choose the style and cut of the dress that can suit their body type.

  2. Give them wearable dresses and accessories. Choose bridesmaid dresses and accessories that your girls can wear for other occasions. Designers make the dresses of bridesmaid with flattering necklines, varied hemlines, and in different cuts to make them suitable as chic evening wear, too.

  1. Try metallic colors. Metallic accessories and shoes almost never go out of style. They can be reused for parties, night-outs with friends, dates, and the holiday season. Choose timeless colors like gold, silver, or platinum, so they can go well with other non-wedding outfits.

  2. Let the bridesmaids choose their own jewelry. This way, they can save money and they do not have to feel obliged to wear a piece of jewelry that they may find tacky.

  3. Go with lace. Lace is a good option for spring weddings. It is traditionally meant for brides, but contemporary bridesmaid dresses now sport them, too.

  1. Try floral accessories. This trend is popular with garden, nature-themed, and outdoor weddings because they are feminine and colorful.

  1. Why not wrap dresses? These are versatile and flattering dresses that bridesmaids can wear on other occasions, too. Many styles of wrap dresses can go well with all body types.


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