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Five Things You Need to Make and Decorate a Wedding Cake

Mar 12, 2015 | Posted by:  abi s

Besides the bride and the groom being the center of attention during the wedding, the wedding cake also gets a lot of attention. It’s a tradition, where the bride and groom cut the cake together and shares it with the guests. It’s infinitely more practical to simply order your cake from a bakeshop, but, of course, you are also free to make and decorate your own especially if you are particularly good in the kitchen. Here are five things you will need:
                               make your own wedding cake
  1. Ingredients. If you are planning to bake from the scratch, then you will need ingredients like flour, eggs, baking soda, butter, and more. You can even, opt to get a quick-mix, which should also serve the purpose. Make sure you have icing unless you would like to decorate your wedding cake with something else, like fresh flowers and funky toppers.
  2. Equipment. You will need a mixer, several bowls, measuring cups and spoons, whisk, and of course, an oven.
  3. Recipe. There are thousands of recipes for wedding cakes. The most popular ones are chocolate, mocha, and butter. You can also try your hand at making fruit-flavored or wine-based cakes.
  4. Skills. It’s at least essential to learn the basics, like how to mix ingredients, how to use the oven, and so on.
  5. Time and patience. Allot an entire day for making your trial cake. A simple cake can’t be done in an hour. You will also need a lot of patience, especially if you are not experienced in baking and decorating cakes.
Try to download a wedding planner app to help you create a check list for ingredients. If you really can’t make your own cake, don’t worry. Some wedding apps provide an extensive list of bakers who can create a lovely cake that will suit your taste as well as your budget.


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