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Free iPad Wedding Planning App With Wedding To Do Checklists

Dec 01, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

To attempt to plan a wedding without checklists is the very definition of insanity. Not taking advantage of the free wedding iPad and iPhone apps is even more so. There was a time when planning a wedding was the thing at the forefront of a woman’s life, when from a very young age she was taught etiquette and took part in major event planning with her mother.

That time is long gone but the million and one things that go into having a successful wedding remain. The fact is most of us haven’t a clue just what we need to do nor how to set a reasonable timeline to accomplish it. That is why using a wedding planner has been the route that many have chosen. If this is not an expense that you can swallow then the free wedding mobile apps and websites can make a huge difference.

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These both come with wedding budget calculators, wedding seating charts and RSVP invitations. When planning a wedding these are just the beginning of the types of lists you will need. Unless you have a photographic memory, wedding planning demands that you use lists and plenty of them. Finding a wedding planning app that gives you pre-populated lists is fine but you also need one that allows you to customize the lists so that they are unique to your wedding.

Here are five reasons you really need to rely on wedding checklists:

  1. Not knowing what needs to be done is a disaster waiting to happen. When planning an event many things are time sensitive.

  2. With so much to do it is hard to keep in mind what is most critical. Consider this when renting your venues you have to coordinate them. Many brides have rented the church at the beginning of the planning and forget to reserve the reception venue only to find out later it is unavailable.

  3. You would never consider traipsing through the woods without a light and that is what a wedding checklist can be for you. It will allow you to see to glimpse what’s ahead and allow you plan your time, money and energy use more effectively.

  4. Using mini checklists to delegate tasks to others will give you the help you need without losing control.

  5. Most importantly a checklist will make the entire process manageable and by crossing things off the list you get a sense of accomplished and just think when that last item is crossed off it will be that much closer to the greatest day of your life.

We have given five good reasons to use wedding checklist. Very compelling reasons to visit and to download the free wedding planning iPad and iPhone apps with all the checklists programmed right in. The lists, the budget calculator, the access to vendors will make planning your wedding so much easier and take away a lot of the stress.



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Post By:markCreated Date:Nov 18, 2013
check list of the app was so use full for planning wedding in ipad I lik it so much and the dress was so cool
Post By:SaraCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
The to do list was very useful for me to plan my pre and post wedding plans which reduced my tension during the wedding time.
Post By:robinsonCreated Date:Jan 09, 2013
It's really free app for the wedding to do checklist. I think this app is very useful for wedding plannings. It's used for schedule complete wedding attire.
Post By:ThomasCreated Date:Dec 04, 2012
Important information for wedding planner and easy to maintain the wedding planning checklist with this article. Good post and thanks for your posting. Keep it up your excellent post
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