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Free iPhone Wedding App For Wedding Planning RSVP Guest Invitations

Dec 03, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

It has long been held as standard etiquette to RSVP to invitations to formal events.  In times past people would RSVP to a formal invitation on their own stationary offer congratulations and informing the party that they would indeed attend or make their obligatory excuse for not being able to attend. The telephone changed this a bit and people began to include a response card for a formal affair or request at least a phone call for a casual event. Now with the free wedding planning iPad and iPhone apps you can accept and send RSVP invitations over the phone.
The wedding planner websites and wedding planner apps include everything  you will need to plan the perfect wedding. Begin with the wedding budget calculator, wedding checklist and the wedding seating chart. These are arguably the most important items you need to keep organized but with these apps you get so much more. Find wedding vendors for your cake, dresses, shoes, music and food all with the click of a mouse or with few taps on your mobile phone screen. These apps even allow you to add items to your online gift registry and access to your online wedding website and photo gallery. Apps aside there is a bit of etiquette you should be aware of when sending or receiving RSVP invitations.
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1. If you are inviting guest that will have to travel send the invites early enough that they will have ample time to plan for the trip. Provide them with information about local accommodations. It is best to include information about said accommodations at 3 different price points.
2. It is acceptable to give people a set date that their RSVP has to be in by. The caterer will need to have this information days before the actual event and it also helps to have it in a timely fashion for planning the seating. Requesting that all RSVP’s are returned a month before the wedding date is generally the best idea.
3. When sending an RSVP make certain that you are specific about who is invited. There are those who will take it upon themselves to invite others to your event. If you invite a single person make sure the invitation states +1. If you are inviting someone who is married, living together or are in a long-term relationship it is a good idea to invite their significant other.
4. Not everyone will remember the RSVP, people are busier than they were in times of old.  Some think that you should wait a day or two after the deadline but it could not hurt to give a call a week before the deadline. People do forget and this way you can give them a gentle reminder or accept their RSVP over the phone.
Find these tips and so many more online at and while you are there you can also download the free wedding planner iPad and iPhone apps. Put technology to work for you and plan a beautiful wedding with less stress.


Post By:ChloeCreated Date:Dec 20, 2013
Wow!! Amazing bride wedding dress, Look gorgeous.
Post By:JoneCreated Date:Nov 18, 2013
This was nice article for planning for wedding invitation and where i get minimum cost wedding invitation
Post By:Donald HarrisCreated Date:Dec 04, 2012
Superb information invites the guest with free iPhone wedding app for wedding planning RSVP guest invitations. Needed one for wedding planner and thanks for your sharing
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