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Free iPhone wedding app to choose Wedding Venues for Indoor or Outdoor

Nov 21, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

Choosing your wedding venue will be easier with a free iPhone wedding app. It is not a matter of which location for a wedding venue is best it is after all a personal preference. Outdoor wedding venues can be as beautiful as indoor wedding venues. Besides you personal tastes there are many other factors that will go into choosing your perfect wedding location. do not discount any of these because they will all make a huge difference on your wedding day and in your wedding planning efforts.

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First and foremost whether the wedding is held indoors or outdoors you will need to make sure that you have adequate room to seat all of your guest. You will also need to think about the time of the year and what the weather is generally like during that time. If you are planning on using an outdoor wedding venues then weather tracking will be something you have to do. Knowing the advanced forecast will give you a head start if you have to make last minute changes.

As lovely as an outdoor wedding sounds you have to consider the time of day and how the sun shines on that area. Having guest sitting for hours in the blazing sun bearing down on them is not conducive to their enjoyment of the nuptials. You really have to take that into account as well as the local pest population. The wedding dress you choose will have to be different for an outdoor lawn wedding. A long dress will get stains and dirt on the hem and train. And if it is a warm sunny day silk and velvet are definitely out. Both dresses would become very uncomfortable really fast.

If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding venue, why not consider having the reception indoors, or vice versa. You can plan your wedding indoors and hold the reception outdoors. This would call for the bride to change clothes, but that only gives her more shopping fun. Guests will be freer to roam around and not feel so restrained. You also have to hire wedding vendors that have outdoor experience. They will of course need to know how to keep food at serving temperature without it wilting or spoiling.

You can view more ideas like these on the iwedplanner website as well as downloading your free wedding mobile apps for iPhone and iPad. These apps will have information on local wedding venues here for both indoor and outdoor weddings. The apps will give you’re their addresses, phone numbers as well as directions to the site. Sure there are a lot of things to consider but you can get great ideas about overcoming any obstacle from brides who have been there, done that, in wedding forums and blogs on the wedding planner website.



Post By:kennethCreated Date:Dec 23, 2013
Ya i know the wedding venues is the first preference to the all wedding planners. Mostly many weddings is choose outdoor locations only. Because it's a natural and look very pretty. I'm also choose a outdoor wedding venues in my wedding.
Post By:joeljohnCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
Such a wonderful blog to read i usually prefer to have a outdoor wedding with scenic beauty .Thanks for the blog and app
Post By:ChristopherCreated Date:Nov 21, 2012
First thanks to wonderful information for wedding. Sure the iPad apps are useful to plan the wedding. We can get wedding venues in our near location
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