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Free iPhone wedding planning app and Guest Accommodation ideas

Mar 20, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Use your free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and android to plan your guest accommodations. Out-of-towners will expect that you have already made arrangements for their accommodations. While you may not have to cover the cost for all of it, it is your duty to make sure that the local hotels and motels will have rooms available for your guests.
Just are generally overjoyed to be asked to come witness your nuptials, they look forward to having a little fun as well as attending your wedding. One way to make sure that your guests are not stuck out in the cold is to contact a local hotel and reserve a block of rooms. You will want to reserve rooms that can accommodate more than one person. Most hotels are very accommodating when it comes to reserving blocks of rooms. Generally, the rooms will be listed under the names of the bride and groom. You may want to book rooms at an upscale hotel, but the consider it of guest may be on a tighter budget. The sales manager at the hotel will be more than happy to help you set it up.
wedding guest accommodations
Accommodating your wedding guests includes more than arranging for the lodging, the guests will want to spend time with the family and attend parties, to avoid any misunderstandings plan and itineraries for your guests. If the rehearsal dinner and other parties cannot accommodate all of them have alternative ideas in place so they don’t sit at the hotel, being bored. Inviting them to parties before hand beginners the out-of-town relative or friend a chance to get acquainted with everyone so they will be less nervous.
Because many out-of-town guests may not be familiar with your city. You also want to make travel to and from the wedding venue and reception as well as the various homes easy. Some brides even assigned this task to a bridesmaid or groomsmen. Employing your family and friends to help chauffer the guests around is a good idea. Family members coming from out of town can be asked to join the to pitch in with last-minute decorating or any other item that still needs to be done before the wedding. Most will be happy to help.
People coming in for a wedding will understand that you are far too busy to play tour guide, in any event, putting together a list of sites to see and places to visit will give them something to do while you finalize your plans. Include maps to local museums, restaurants and shops as well as any other attractions in your town. Visit the iwedplanner website for more interesting ideas about accommodating your wedding guests. While you’re visiting the site, don’t forget to download the free wedding planner apps for mobile


Post By:markCreated Date:Dec 21, 2013
I like the arrangement of guest accommodation image best idea for plan wedding Because many out-of-town guests may not be familiar
Post By:josephCreated Date:Dec 09, 2013
Organizing for the guest accommodation and finding the room for my wedding guest are easy with the use of this wedding app.
Post By:XavierCreated Date:Nov 30, 2013
I accommodated my guest in best place within my budget with the use of this wonderful wedding planner app.
Post By:ruthCreated Date:Nov 20, 2013
The wedding guest accommodation after my wedding party celebration was made easy after using this wonderful wedding app.
Post By:lindaCreated Date:Oct 26, 2013
Guest accommodation was a big part of my wedding but i was made easy through this wedding app.A very nice post
Post By:danileCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
Nice post for wedding Guest Accommodation ideasand the Guest Accommodation ideas looking so nice. I love this is post and thanks for your sharing
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