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Free Wedding Mobile App With New York Wedding Vendors

Feb 27, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Use the free wedding planner apps to find wedding vendors in New York. Planning a wedding is the most exciting and hectic time in a woman’s life. Finding the right vendors at the right price is not always easy and it can be exceptionally difficult in New York City. Just thinking of getting married in New York might send shivers of dread about the cost down the spine of some of you. New York is a place of excess and being such nothing there comes cheap.

NewYork Wedding Vendors


There are many attractive venues to hold a ceremony. New York has some of the best bakeries, the trendiest bridal shops and thousands of great jewelers. The truth is that New York has all of these in every price point imaginable. When you have calculated your budget using the wedding planner apps budget calculator tool, it will be easy to search for the vendors in New York that will fit into that budget range. Planning a wedding in New York demands that you be realistic. If you only have a wedding dress budget of $1000.00 it would not do to go to one of the big designer houses looking for your dress.


One thing you have to consider when planning to be married in New York is that the best wedding vendors in New York get booked up really fast. Many have bookings as much as 2-3 years in advance. If you don’t keep this in mind you could end up having to find an alternate to the venue and vendors that you had your heart set on. Also look to Brooklyn, Queens or even Jersey, these places often have great wedding venues at bargain prices. They are also more likely to have in-house catering. The target price for these venues is about $150.00 per person for the meal. That means if you invite 150 people you are looking at $22,500 for the space and the meal.

While it may seem like an insurmountable task, finding wedding vendors in New York can be as easy as it is in any city in the world. Just remember to start looking in plenty of time, be conscious of your budget and ask for help from friends and relatives. You will find many of the vendors listed on the free wedding website at, while you are there you should download the free wedding planner mobile apps, these too will aid you in your search.



Post By:JhoneCreated Date:Dec 26, 2013
i get wedding vendor for planning wedding in my mobile app thanks for app ipad cool nice app i find vendor in my city
Post By:DanielCreated Date:Dec 19, 2013
Finding the wedding vendors in the cities of New York was very easy for me to find with the use of this wedding planner mobile app.
Post By:nathanCreated Date:Nov 28, 2013
The wedding vendors in New York for wedding dresses was easily founded without any trouble using this website.
Post By:willamsCreated Date:Oct 24, 2013
There are lots of wedding vendors in New York. I just know this after seeing the vendor details in your site> It will make my wedding plans easy in NY
Post By:Joe RootCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
The wedding vendors in new york are very good and they have the best wedding plans with cheap rates thanks iwedplanner for posting this blog regarding the wedding vendors in NY
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