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Free Wedding Mobile App With Wedding Cake Ideas

Feb 28, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Cake tasting has to be the single best part of the entire wedding planning process. After you have used the free wedding planner mobile apps to find your bakery it is time to figure out just what type of wedding cakes you want.

The typical wedding cost about $550.00,and that is for a basic plain cake. The pastry chef or bakers generally charge by the slice. So the price of the cake will be set by the number of guest that you invite. The more tiers that you have the higher the cost. Two or three tiered cake, chocolate, vanilla, carrot cake, lemon or poppy seed with a butter cream icing and just a few decorations can cost as much as $6.00 a slice. If you want a high end cake you are going to pay $10.00 or more per slice.


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When considering cake ideas you also have to understand that all those cakes with beautiful icing flowers or any other special decoration will cost a lot more. Decorations are charged separately. One of the most expensive decorations is Fondant, while it is beautiful it is very costly. A plain fondant shell will raise the price up by $1.00 per slice. Because tiered cakes have to be assembled after delivery, this adds another $50-$100 depending on the size of the cake and the distance the person has to travel.

Every bride wants a Spectacular wedding cake to be sure. But each rosebud on that cake will cost you. The more decorated the cake the more expensive it will be. There are a few ways to get that glam cake for less. Often caterers have a house pastry chef, they offer discounts on the wedding cakes ordered and going this route will not incur any delivery or cutting fees. There is also the little trick of having the two largest tiers be fake and only the top one a real cake. This strategy employs the use of a sheet cake for the guests and the tiered cake for show only.

When using the free wedding planner apps for iPhone and iPad to find a list of caterers, arrange a cake tasting with several bakers first. Then after tasting what they have to offer and viewing their portfolio’s you will be in a better position to make a decision. Most bakers only do a set number of weddings each week and these slots will go pretty quickly. To get more wedding cake ideas, visit, there you will find pictures of fabulous cakes and critiques of some of the finest bakeries in the world.



Post By:parkerCreated Date:Dec 26, 2013
cool i like cakes beautiful cake brown sweet where i get this cake for my wedding planning
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The wedding cake ideas which you shred are wonderful and i love these ideas it will be great to implement.
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Thanks for the wedding cake ideas which you shred in this blog it is an valuable tips and will be useful when planning a wedding.
Post By:TheboralCreated Date:Oct 24, 2013
The wedding cake idea which you shared in this blog post was very useful for me in selecting the wedding cake for our wedding which fall end of this month.
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The wedding cake ideas you shared in this blog was very useful and thanks for the daily post wonderful blog to read.
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