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Free Wedding Planning Guide Help To Short Engagement To Do List

Dec 22, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

If you are planning a short engagement (3-9months) then the free wedding planning apps for iPad and iPhone is just what you need to get it done and keep it organized. Once you have decided on the wedding date the countdown clock begins figuratively and literally with the wedding planner mobile apps. They will count down each day until that bliss filled moment arrives.

At the beginning:

Set the budget

Pick the date – consider what will work best for you and the groom, the wedding party and guests. They may need time to take off work or plan around other things.

Pick location – wedding venues and reception venue should be booked at the same time to make sure you get both at the right date and time.

Decide on the wedding colors and theme

Find a dress – this too should be done in the first 3 months also get the veil, shoes and jewelry at that time. Traditionally the wedding dress should be ordered early and fitted, but for a bride on a shorter time frame you may want to go to a shop that has ready to wear inventory.

                                         wedding to do list

Dress the wedding party – this can be a painful experience so start early and take the girls along. The same as with your dress you may want to rent or buy something ready to wear.

Find the Photographer – doing this at the beginning will ensure you get the one you want for your date. Today many also double as videographers

Take engagement photos to send out with invitations – the invitations will have to be sent out right away- wedding planning websites like iwedplanner will give you fast options when it comes to sending out invitations. The wedding planner mobile apps can help you to keep track of whose coming and whose not.

All of the above should be accomplished by the halfway mark. Next come the music, food and flowers all of which should be completed at least two months before the actual wedding.

Planning a wedding on short notice is not impossible and in truth it has been pulled off by many throughout the years. Using the wedding planner mobile apps cuts your organizational work load in half. There are still concessions you will need to make. For one thing you will not be able to invite 100-200 people nor find a caterer to make that much food that fast. Most wedding vendors are booked up months in advance some even a few years. The same is true of the venues. So you should be looking toward renting an unconventional space such as a restaurant, hotel conference room or other large space. To save on time and cost have just a few wedding attendants.

The reception has to be held in a place that already has insurance and a liquor permit if you plan to have alcoholic beverages. This eliminates the wait time for applying and paying for special permits.

This is just a short wedding planning guide to get you started. Using the free wedding planning apps for iPhone and iPad to find wedding ideas you can fine tune a small wedding. These wedding mobile apps will help you find everything you need including a great wedding watch to give as a gift.



Post By:lorna Created Date:Nov 20, 2013
Wedding planner app most important for wedding planning and it's having more information for wedding.The mobile app having more useful tools for wedding like RSVP,to do list,Wedding website etc.. It will fulfill your all the expectation in the wedding planning and thanks for your information
Post By:gloria Created Date:Sep 25, 2013
This was an wonderful blog to read and helped me to plan my wedding to do list with easier manner.
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