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Free Wedding Planning iPad App To Choose Best Wedding Photographers

Dec 12, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

Using the free wedding planning iPad and iPhone apps to find the best wedding photographers is a fantastic idea. There are many wedding planner apps online but not many that cost nothing to download and use. Wedding planner apps and wedding planner mobile apps has become a staple of today’s do-it-yourself brides. While the apps will help you to locate and investigate wedding photographers, this article will focus on giving you some practical information about what kind of photographers to use.

The information you are about to receive was gleaned from a photographer who after being a groom found that most of the information in many bride magazines and on wedding website was a bit misleading. We are sharing it with you so that you truly get more than one point of view as you search for the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding.

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The thought behind most of the articles is that you must find ways to save money on wedding costs. While this maybe true, think about what the photographs, video and scrapbooks of this day really mean.

The following statement is inspired by UK photographer, David Pearce; “Are you willing to settle for snapshots and a scrap book as memorabilia for your wedding?” When you put it like that, the majority of people who are honest with themselves would answer no.  

We shared that with you to start the thought process. When it is all said and done, saving money is fine, but remember memory fades with time and the photographs of your wedding will be all that you have to remember it by. If you hire someone who is a student or just starting out they will not be equipped to handle last minute changes or know what shots make the best wedding memories. But this is what many articles will tell you to do to save money on a wedding photographer.

Ask anyone who has paid $500.00 for a photographer and used the $10.00 disposable camera option how that worked for them and you are likely to hear horror story after horror story. The fact is most of the guest will either forget to take pictures or fail to return the cameras altogether. You end up with less than stellar portraits that are sitting at the end of 10years in a box on shelf in the closet. Is this what you want for wedding memories.

Read the articles all you want but there are areas of the wedding that skimping on coast will surely be more efficient and effective than your wedding photographer. In closing we want you to think about this, when a house is on fire after making sure the family is out and all the important papers are safe what is the one thing that a person will go back into a burning building for. If you said photo albums, you got it right the first time. if memories are this important, why not make the best ones possible. Hire a professional with a great attitude and track record. You do not have to spend $50,000.00 but there are a lot of price points between 500-50,000 for you to consider.



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Really the wedding photographers done a excellent work in this post. The picture looks amazing and i like the background. The couple and their dresses are so cute and it's wonderful post for photographers. Thanks for your sharing
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