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Frequently Asked Wedding Etiquette Questions and free iPad app

May 22, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

While you may be thrilled that they are taking the plunge you may not be truly up to date on proper wedding etiquette. A wedding is one event that really does have a few rules that we are expected to adhere to. No matter how casual the wedding there are still some things that are just in bad taste. If you are reading this then you are in the right place. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and wedding don’ts.

        Wedding Invitations

  • A wedding invitation definitely means you are expected at the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. This may sound like a no-brainer but there are plenty of people that think attending the ceremony is optional.

  • If the name is not on the invitation they weren’t invited. The only exception to this rule is when the invitation says +1, and guest or and family.

  • Wedding gifts should be sent ahead. This means springing for shipping, but if you bring it to the wedding venue it could get broken or misplaced.

  • Don’t come straggling in after the bride has made her descent down the aisle. If you aren’t going to make that extra effort to arrive before the bride goes down the aisle then send a gift and your deepest apologies that you could not attend. It is her day and you coming in after will have all eyes on you.

  • Women do not wear dresses that are in poor taste. Really a dress that is so short that if you bend over you will flash the world is a no-go for a wedding. The same can be said about dresses that show too much cleavage. While you want to look nice you also do not want to be a major distraction at a wedding.

  • This brings us to what colors you should steer clear of. White should be reserved for the bride. Seriously any dress that could be confused with a wedding dress should not be worn.

  • It is bad form to leave the wedding reception before the cutting of the bride’s cake.

  • There is no one-year rule when it comes to giving wedding gifts. If the wedding is called off your gift will be returned but it should be given before the wedding not after you are sure they will stay together.

  • There is a rumor that your wedding gift should cost an amount equal to the price the hosts are paying for the meal at the wedding reception. This is not so. The cost of the gift should be what you can afford, not the price of admission to the affair.

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Post By:MargetCreated Date:Feb 01, 2014
A valuable post on wedding etiquette question that frequently asked during the wedding and in wedding planning process.
Post By:JasmineCreated Date:Jan 18, 2014
I liked the points you mentioned in this post these are really some valuable tips to read and plan the wedding.
Post By:MargetCreated Date:Jan 02, 2014
A nice questions on wedding etiquette and i really love this wedding planner app to plan my wedding.
Post By:lindaCreated Date:Nov 11, 2013
Wow nice article about the wedding vendor.Thanks for sharing very informative keep it up ......
Post By:lindaCreated Date:Oct 24, 2013
Nice photo you post and very informative article you shared.The wedding planner ipad app is a useful for engaged people that gives many idea about the wedding plans and wedding vendor details.
Post By:frankCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
Most beautiful post for wedding invitation cards and the invitations looking so nice. The designers done a wonderful work here. The invitation is the first attraction for the guest and thanks for your post
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