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Get Sweet Wedding Memories With Delicious Wedding Cakes

Dec 15, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

Weddings are almost incomplete without a wedding cake. It does not matter how big or small it is the cake is symbolic of the wedding as much as the rings signify the union of the couple. Wedding cakes are traditionally served at wedding receptions after the meal, and before it is consumed, it is displayed for everyone to see. Wedding cakes are believed to provide good luck to the couple and their guests, but nowadays, they are more than just a source of good tidings. They are also lovely centerpieces in wedding receptions.
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There are different styles and types of wedding cakes. Some cakes have only one edible tier for the couple(the rest is made of decorative items). A wedding cake can be small enough for the couple and a few people, but it can also be big enough to serve hundreds of wedding guests. You can have your wedding cake made according to the number of guests you intend to feed or you can make it exclusively for you and your spouse.
Cake designers and pastry chefs can use a wide range of tools and ingredients to make a unique cake that will reflect the couple's personalities or lifestyle. Chocolate, butter cream, gum paste, fondant, and marzipan are among the commonly used ingredients. And since the wedding cake has always been a traditional part of every wedding, your big day may not be complete without it. For most couples, a multi-tiered wedding cake with at least three layers is a must. Traditionally, wedding cakes have always been white and three-tiered, but nowadays, it is okay to ignore the norm and go for decorative wedding cakes with different colors that reflect your theme.
Wedding cakes can be designed in different ways. You can go for the classic white wedding cake with flowers and figures of the bride and groom. For a pop of color, you may consider an ombre wedding cake, which features an ombre design and a color scheme that is inspired by your motif or theme. Floral wedding cakes almost never go out of style, but if you want a more contemporary design, consider a square or rectangular multi-tiered cake. Patterned cakes are also in style and can be combined with an ombre design. 


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