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Great Wedding Planning Ideas

Oct 30, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

Although you have planned for this day since you were a little girl it never hurts to listen to a few new wedding ideas. There are so many more things to consider once the dream becomes a reality. What will your wedding theme be? What colors look great together? What will your signature flower be? What do you do first? All of these are valid questions and with the help of other brides-of-old and brides-to-be you can find answers to these questions and many more. With the Internet you never have to feel like you are going it alone.

Wedding blogs and wedding forums are a great place to look for wedding ideas. They talk about everything, from the best places to have a wedding destination  to how to not have the wind play have with you and your guest at an outdoor wedding. Here are a few more great tips for you that may be incorporated for your special day.

            Wedding Planning Ideas

One of the biggest jobs when planning a wedding is choosing the flowers. Seasonal flowers are the best. If you are getting married in the spring choose wedding flowers that normally bloom in the spring. Making it a spring time flower and choosing flowers from your local area will also cut down on the expense of having your arrangements made. Having out of season flowers that have to be imported can more than double the price.

Let’s face it ladies most of your friends had their weddings in a fancy hotel ballroom or a church sanctuary. This is your wedding and you can dare to be different to make the occasion even more memorable. Have it in a place that is special to you. These may sound a little strange but the local zoo, museum, library or other site of significance could easily be turned into a wonderful wedding.

Wedding gowns are another area that you now have leeway with. The traditional white dress is not for everyone. You could add a splash of color or go all out with the color. Look at the gorgeous dresses that serve as prom dresses and formal ball gowns. What is a wedding gown but a formal ball gown in white? Today you get to choose a color that most reflects your personality. This gives you a complete color palette to choose from and your bridesmaid’s dresses and flowers can be coordinated to match.

We would like to leave you with one last thought, the wedding favor is a take away gift that all of your guests will receive. Make it something very personalized and coordinate it to the theme of your wedding. Here is where you can be very imaginative and design a favor that is unique and one that you know everyone will love.

You wedding day is the most important day in your life and planning it will take a lot of time and great organizational skills. A final tip is to download a free wedding app for your iPhone, iPad or Android. You can keep track of everything from the palm of your hand.



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