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Guide For Choosing The Best Wedding Photographers

Sep 21, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

The wedding photographer is one of the most important people at any wedding. This may seem like a bold statement, but think about it for a minute. How much of the wedding ceremony and reception are you really going to get to see? The bride on any wedding day is generally traveling around in a fog. The activity level is all hustle and bustle, the wedding photographs will be a life long memento of the most important time of your life.
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Finding the perfect wedding photographers is a huge task and if you have never had to hire contractors for anything it can be a bit intimidating. There are an estimated 100,000 wedding photographers in the USA, that is a big haystack to find a needle in. finding a husband is easy compared to this one task alone. Here a few things that should be an automatic “Red Flag” when researching wedding photographers.
  1. Cost Too Low/Deep Discounts – while it may be tempting due to budget restraints you have to consider one thing, a cheaper dress can be made to look fabulous by the right photographer, but a bad photographer can make a Vera Wang look like a bargain basement dress. The best wedding photographers will have invested in high end gear, have professional print advertising, carry insurance and pay taxes on their business. If a wedding photographer is offering dirt cheap rates they have to be cutting corners, and the real question is where are they cutting corners.
  1. Venue Recommendations – While this may seem like a great idea think about one thing. Often when other vendors are recommending wedding photographers it is for a fee. Wedding photographers actually pay wedding venues, wedding caterers and other wedding services to promote their service. Not every wedding venue will have bad photographers but there is always that chance that the venue sold the spot on the preferred vendors listing. Do your homework, check the recommendation with friends, online and ask local wedding planners about the photographer before hiring them.
  1. The Studio Boast 200 Or More Weddings A Year – While you want an experienced wedding photographer, but just because they are that busy doesn’t mean they are better. With so many weddings being booked it is possible they are hiring associates to handle the volume.  That is not a bad thing if the associates really know their stuff. It is important that you know who is actually going to be in attendance and the quality of their work. Also how many weddings they have scheduled on your date, you want to be sure you are treated like a VIP not a rush job.
  1. They are family and they will do it for free – There is an old saying about mixing family and business and like all old sayings it has a basis in fact. Even if they have experience in photography, unless they are a certified wedding photographer you could be in for problems. What if you aren’t happy with the results? What if the photographs are great but there is no back up file for them? What if they forget that they are not there to party.
  1. They take amazing photos – While this is one of the best selling points it should not be your only consideration. If the person is a total jerk and your personalities clash then it will be a miserable time for you. This person will be near you all day and if they are aggravating this could ruin the wedding for you.
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Post By:bennyCreated Date:Feb 12, 2014
everyone would like to getting a best wedding photographs to their they are spend a huge amount for our wedding photographer.
Post By:maryCreated Date:Jan 27, 2014
all wedding photographers are must follow some common rule and service.many wedding couples doesn't knows these informations.this article gives knowledge about wedding photographer.
Post By:johnCreated Date:Jan 08, 2014
Many wedding couples made a huge mistakes to choose our wedding photographer. because the wedding photographs are the most memorable things for all wedding couples to their life. Moreover if the selects ignorant wedding photographers to their weddings it spoil our memorable things.This article used to select a best wedding photographer for our own wedding.
Post By:majnuCreated Date:Dec 09, 2013
Gorgeous information for wedding couples. Bcoz the wedding photographs are tells our wedding memories at long time. So choose best wedding photographer by guidance of this article.
Post By:mayveCreated Date:Nov 27, 2013
This article should trying to make as the wedding couples to select best wedding photographers in their weddings. Let us follow these instructions should select best wedding photographers.
Post By:johnCreated Date:Nov 21, 2013
Nice wedding article for finding the best wedding photographer for my wedding. Peoples follows these ideas surely should be select a best wedding photographer for our wedding.
Post By:brownCreated Date:Oct 29, 2013
Thank you for your is really useful information for groom and brides also they must know these things.
Post By:Peter SandinCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
Engaged people desperately needs the guide like this article to choose the best photographer.
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