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Guide for Planning the Perfect Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Feb 24, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

Are you feeling stressed about the wedding rehearsal dinner? There is no need to do that. Unless the happy couple is in a competition with someone or just keeping up with the Joneses, they can plan a wedding rehearsal dinner that is cost effective and fun. The main idea behind this dinner is for each side of the family to meet and get to know one another a little bit before the two tie the knot.  Here are a few fantastic ideas for a wedding rehearsal dinner that are sure to be a hit.
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The first rule to planning a great wedding rehearsal dinner is to understand that there are no rules. Seriously, whatever comes to mind, whatever your family is into, that is a perfect direction in which to proceed. This is where the couple needs to communicate about what type of people their families are. If both families are the informal type or both are the formal type then then planning a wedding rehearsal dinner that reflects that is easy. Problems come in when you have a mixed bunch. You can plan soothing that is semi-formal that will appeal to everyone. A good dinner will reflect the personalities of the bride and groom.  
Here is a brief synopsis of what should take place at a wedding rehearsal dinner. It is possible to use the same wedding planning tools like the budget calculator, to-do lists, wedding guests list, email invitations and seating charts to plan this event. There are free tools on the iwedplanner website along with their free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Traditionally it is up to the grooms’ family to put on this dinner but these days couples are actually taking this on in addition to planning the wedding.
The dinner should take on a life of its own. Plan activities for icebreakers and to get people talking to one another. You can also play family trivia games and anything else you can think of that will foster positive interaction. Dinner should take place immediately after the wedding rehearsal, find out how long you will be in rehearsal before
Invite the families, the wedding party and the out of town guests. It goes without saying that everyone that shows up for the rehearsal should be at the wedding rehearsal dinner. The evening should also include a round of toasts starting with the parents and ending with the bride and groom thanking everyone for coming.
Trust iwedplanner to help you plan a wedding rehearsal dinner no matter how tight the budget may be. Remember that it is about being with family and friends more than where you are and what you are eating.


Post By:harrisCreated Date:Apr 29, 2014
It was nice to read on how to plan a wedding. This wedding guide will help me in planning a simple wedding and easy wedding.
Post By:benjohnCreated Date:Apr 11, 2014
This is such a wonderful post and the tips you mentioned for planning the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner are such an important factors.
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