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Guide to prevent the Wedding Gown

Nov 26, 2019 | Posted by:  abi s

Guide to prevent the Wedding Gown:
Gown is the most expensive thing that someone ever bought in her wedding. So it is very important to take care of the gown after or before the wedding. Following are the ways by which the prevention of the wedding gown can be done:
Standard dry-cleaning is not always good:
Standard dry-cleaning is not fit for every material and for this wedding gown preservation begin with some experts who creates a different treatment plan according to the material of the gown for example for fabric they have different treatment plan. 
Store the wedding gown in cool and dark place:
After the wedding gown is properly cleaned that it’s time to store that dress at a proper place. The gown should be kept at a cool and dark place because direct sunlight can quickly fade or turn the dress yellow. And the dress should not kept in a plastic bag also because it can also harm the dress.
Try to use gloves:
To prevent the wedding gown always try to wear white cotton gloves to handle the gown carefully and also to protect the gown.
Don’t use bleach:
It should be kept in mind that never use bleach on gown because bleach can harm the fabric of the gown. Bleach contain some harmful acids that can affect the material of the gown.
Pay attention on label:
Never forget to see the label of the gown because that label can have some specific directions about the dry-cleaning and safety like; dry clean only with petroleum solvent or keep in cool place etc.
Using acid free bag:
Using acid free bag for hanging the wedding gown can protect the dress from mold and mildew. Along with this hanging eliminate the problem of folding the gown.  


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