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Guide to selection of right menu in the reception party

Jan 18, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

The menu for wedding reception is considered as one of the most significant and prime highlight for the wedding occasion. The menu for the reception needs to be handled in careful manner by considering all key aspects including type of food, guests, budget as well as location for the wedding reception. The menu for the reception need not to be unique but needs to be based on the known menus in order to organize the reception in the most successful as well as effective manner. The theme for the reception also needs to be very clear and accordingly menu for the occasion needs to be set so that it can become an experience that can never be forgotten by people who attend the wedding reception. There are three practical ways by which menu can be served to people at the wedding reception.
1. Hors d'oeuvre reception:
This type of menu is usually preferred for receptions based on casual wedding. Guest arrived at such occasions prefer to dance and drink during the wedding reception. Menu needs to be designed in such manner that make easier for eating and do not require knife or fork during the meal.
2. Buffet style:
This is one of the most common types of menu preferred by people during their wedding receptions. Salad option is the first choice for people in menu that are followed by entrees and desserts at last. Knife or form requires during buffer style so appropriate seating arrangements need to be made for the guests.
3. Table served:
This is the menu which is formal by nature where guests are mostly seen wearing black ties during the wedding receptions. The dishes are served to guests as preferred and wanted by them. This kind of menu is now becoming obsolete and outdated.  


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