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Homemade Wedding Favors Gifts Straight From the Heart

Feb 18, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

Wedding favors do not need to be expensive or extravagant, giving gifts to wedding guests is time honored tradition that is supposed to bring good luck and say thank you for coming. The tradition started with gifts as simple as five sugared almonds wrapped in a bit of fine lace or presented in boxes. These boxes would range from the simple wood of the peasant class to ornate gold and silver filigree for the aristocracy.                              
           wedding favors
The number five is significant in as much as it is an odd number that cannot be split. This was the hope of each married couple. One almond for health, one for wealth, one for fertility, one for longevity and one for happiness. This tradition is being revived by brides all over the world today. You can make these wedding favors yourself.
Recipe for candied almonds:
2cups almonds
1/2c water
1tbl ground cinnamon
1c white sugar
Bring the sugar cinnamon and water to a rolling boil, add the almonds. Stir the mixture while it cooks. It is important that the mixture cooks until all the liquid is gone for optimum results. Once the liquid is evaporated you should be left with a sticky syrup like coating on the almonds. Pour almonds onto wax paper and separate with a fork. Allow to dry for at least 15 minutes before handling.
While canning is not necessarily any cheaper than buying a wedding favor it is more personal and most people love jams and jellies. If you are the homebody type or just want to do something from the heart you can use the following recipe to make a fantastic jam. The jars and be purchased online, ½ pint canning jars with lids are less than $10.00 a dozen. For 500 guest you need 42 dozen. Here is a link with some valuable information on the canning process that will help you along the way.
Items you will need:
Jars complete with rings and lids
Fruit fresh
Canning pot
Jar lifter
Sticker paper and ribbons
Lemon juice
The first thing you need to do is choose your fruit. You can choose a fruit that is the most popular in jams and jellies like grape, strawberry or peach. The adventurous bride may even go for a fruit that is a bit unusual like kiwi or star fruit. There are many such recipes online that will help you with step by step instructions. Find more Ideas on wedding at iwedplanner website.


Post By:ShineyCreated Date:Apr 12, 2014
Nice ideas and tips in making the own wedding favor the guest. As a new bride this post helped to make my own DIY wedding Favor.
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