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How to Bake a Wedding Cake

Jan 08, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

To be perfectly honest, if you have never baked so much as a cupcake this task is better left for the professionals. For those who have a love of baking and are sure they have the time to commit to the process we will share our tips with you for baking a magnificent wedding cake. Many tend to think that it is a simple affair, “how hard could it truly be”, right? Making a box cake for the holiday’s with store frosting is simple but a wedding cake is to box cakes, what a sedan is to a formula one.                                                                               wedding cake and desserts

With the high cost of wedding cakes we are seeing a lot of brides who are willing to take the risk. Even a basic wedding cake with regular frosting is upwards of $500.00, most brides end up spending twice that. Oddly enough making the cakes from scratch is a simple enough affair, it is the frosting, decorating and tiers that will cause the most trouble. If you are not familiar with piping techniques we suggest you start practicing months before you have to actually use them on the cake.


Instead of frosting you can purchase Fondant in many colors. It drapes over the cake and forms a clean surface to decorate. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:


  1. Layers should be structurally sound and completely level. Pound cakes or carrots cakes are extremely heavy so using dowels to support each layer is a must and use a double corrugated cardboard for added strength.

  2. Measure every ingredient carefully –bake a test cake once or twice if need be or until you feel confident that your cakes turn out the way you need them too.

  3. Bake a day or two before and put a thin layer of frosting on each layer and wrap tightly with plastic wrap.

  4. Read the instructions carefully so that you do not miss one step. Have a definite plan for baking, cooling and frosting as well as how you are going to get the cake to the reception hall.

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Post By:NancyCreated Date:Apr 23, 2014
Nice tips on baking the wedding cake for your wedding. This will help the bride in saving her cost on wedding cakes.
Post By:JessicaCreated Date:Jan 08, 2014
Great wedding cake baking ideas and post. You did a wonderful job to posting this kind of article. It's simple terrific ideas who need to bake a cake or how to order a cake on our weddings. It just awesome...
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