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How to Choose a Wedding Venue in Dallas

Mar 05, 2016 | Posted by:  abi s

One of the most important choices a bride will make for her big day is the wedding venue. There are many different types of wedding venues in Dallas to suit your wedding theme and your personal style. The selection ranges from vineyards to barns, city lofts, gardens, remote beaches, country clubs, hotels, and many others, but it can be overwhelming to choose one without knowing which factors to consider. Here is a guide to choosing a wedding venue in Dallas:
  • Choose a date – If you want to have an outdoor beach wedding, July or August may not be the best time because beaches tend to be crowded. Consider having a beach wedding off-season so you can enjoy lower rates and privacy. Here’s a tip: Summer may be an ideal season for a wedding in a ski resort because wildflowers have filled the meadows.
  • Choose the right time of day – You might be able to save money with a mid-morning ceremony and a lunch reception. Outdoor weddings at sunset are romantic.
  • Pick a location – A lot of self-contained venues offer the necessary wedding services, like catering, tables and chairs, and decorations. Full service venues like country clubs and hotels have packages that can minimize the hassle when planning a wedding. Barns, gardens, historical houses, and private homes can be customized, but you may have to find vendors separately.
  • Think about the distances – When choosing to have the ceremony and reception in two different venues, make sure that they are at least 20 minutes by car from each other. If they are too far apart, consider providing transportation to guests in the form of rental buses or vans. In some cases, it may be budget-friendly to have the ceremony and reception in the same venue to avoid moving the décor and flowers, as well as to save time.
  • Find out if there are other weddings on the same day – Consider renting the venue exclusively to avoid time constraints, especially if you want to extend the festivities. If this is impossible, make sure that the logistics are properly arranged to ensure that everything is on time.


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