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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Band Or Musicians

Oct 25, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

The wedding reception is the place where you can get really creative. It should be every bit as fun as the wedding ceremony was sentimental. It is your opportunity to show your appreciation to family and friends for their support and attendance. You can keep them from realizing how uncomfortable their outfits are with a party that rocks. Choosing the wedding band or wedding musicians can help you toward that end.
Adam Sandler’s, Wedding Singer” may have a lot of you worried about hiring a live wedding band. If you are feeling a bit like this then not to worry. Today’s wedding bands are not as bad as all of that. Many of the groups playing weddings are good enough to record. But these are also the ones who get booked early and they cost a bit more than the average band. In music you get what you pay for like in anything else. If you have the dough then spend it on a good wedding band and ensure that your wedding reception is the bomb.
              wedding bands
You can find wedding musicians that play a bit of everything, from classics to hip hop. If you have a themed wedding all you need to do is sit down with your wedding band leader and choose a play list and an order of song progression. Nothing compares to live entertainment at a wedding reception. While it is organized there is still room for spontaneity. Before looking for the best wedding band here are a few questions you should ask yourself:
          1. What kind of entertainment do I really want?
Have an idea about the different aspects of the wedding and your vision. The music has to play into the overall theme of the day and you should have music of varying tempos for different portions of the evening. During the cocktail hour you want music that will allow conversation, during meals you inspire as well as entertain and after the meal it is time to party down.
2. What do I want the band to accomplish?
In order to ensure that the above things are accomplished you have to find a musical group that is flexible. The have to be able to deliver the different moods you want to create. Most couples cannot afford to hire music for each segment of the evening so finding a wedding band that can do it all is imperative. You also have to love the vocalists in the group as well.
3. How much does it cost to hire professional wedding band?
Without great entertainment you are not likely to have a great number of guests that stay on much past the dinner hour. When choosing a wedding band let the performance dictate the budget not the other way around. While many still feel that spending well for a wedding photographer is the most important thing, and it is very important, you also have to consider what they would have to photograph if everyone left early. You also have to realize that there may be some great local bands that can be hired for less than $200 per hour. The only way to find them is to start to visit different venues and actually catching a few shows.
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