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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Videographer And Why It Is Important

Nov 16, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

While it may be tempting to use students, family members or friends of a friend to film your wedding, there really is no substitute for experience and expertise. The experienced wedding videographer is a master story teller. He/She will be able to capture important moments and know how to deal with incidentals like poor lighting and tight schedules. To get the best possible wedding video results you may want to have the videographer along on some of the events leading up to the wedding or at least inquire if they will be amenable to using some of your personal footage. These touches will make the story even more special.
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Passion for their art is one of the two most important attributes a wedding videographer will need to have. Like any other filmmaker, the passion for the subject matter will show in the end product. What separates a “B” movie from a Box-office smash, surely all of the filmmakers have passion but not all of them have the expertise it takes to tell a compelling story. You already have the best possible script, it is a wedding after all. Weddings are shot on a completely different level from all the other types of things that people can video.
The second important attribute when searching for a wedding videographer is likeability. This person will literally be in your face for the entire time and if they are obnoxious or otherwise inappropriate this could be devastating. The rapport between you, the groom and the videographer has to be free and easy but still professional. The sign of a great videographer is when they show you with their actions that they realize that the day is about you and not them. They should never try to impose their style over yours.
While you will get some contenders that will say to you that they can give you any style you like it is not often that this will work out well. Many directors are great at making action movies but flop at romances. The true test for you is to see their video style in action. Ask them to show you full videos of their last five weddings. While watching these ask yourself these questions.
  1. Does it catch and hold your attention?
  2. What is the sound quality like?
  3. What emotions are evoked while watching?
  4. Did it appear campy or sincere with moments of humor throughout?
  5. Did you enjoy watching the video?
If you liked what you saw and enjoyed the wedding of strangers imagine how your friends and family will react to yours. Learn more about wedding videography and photographers on the iwedplanner website.


Post By:HarrisCreated Date:Nov 16, 2013
i saw many weddings there have a videographer and photographer to shout a video in wedding couple and guests. But i don't no how to choose a best wedding videographer and photographer? But i read this page i got some idea about how to choose it...
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