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How To Control Costs Of Wedding Wine Liquors And Champagne

Nov 14, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Truth be told everyone would like to be able to offer their guests and open bar. While this sounds like a great idea the costs of such a magnanimous gesture can easily get out of hand. You may think you know your family and friends and how much they are likely to consume but the fact remains when it is free people will tend to go harder than they ever did before. One thing that we see often is that many people do not fully understand just what an open bar is. Guests are allowed to drink as much and as often as they want with an open bar. One way to cut this cost is to not offer top shelf drinks, some couples will go as far as limiting the bar to just soft drinks, water, juices, beer and wine.
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Another thing that goes into the costs for wedding wine, liquor and champagne is the hours that the bar remains open. That goes for the cocktail hour and the after dinner celebration. Closing the bar during dinner will cut some of the costs for sure. Serving wine with the meal will be less expensive since a 750ml bottle will fill 7 glasses. Who provides the liquor, beer and wine is also important. If the bride and groom are allowed to they should jump at the chance to make deals with local wholesale liquor distributors.
Let’s look at what the consumption is for the average sized wedding (100 guest)
Scotch-2 liters
Rum-1 liter
Beer-6-8 cases
Sweet and dry vermouth- 1 bottle ea
Tequila- 1 liter
Red wine-2 cases
White wine –31/2 cases
Vodka-5 liters
Gin-3 liters
Champagne-11/2 cases
As you can see these could really add up, especially if you attempt to go top of the line with everything. An open bar with liquor can easily run $20.00 per person, if you limit it to just beer and wine you can cut this in half. This number does not include: taxes, stemware fees, corkage or gratuity. Remember gratuities is at least 15% or more of the total bar bill.
A full bar will have 2 white liquors, 2 brown liquors, wine and beer. Then you will need to have on hand mixers, not everyone drinks their liquor straight and if you springing for a bartender then your guest may even ask for a special mixed cocktail. Orange juice can go a long way but you should also include grenadine, sweet and dry vermouth, margarita mix, and long island iced tea mix as well as Rose’s lime.
The great thing is that you can use the available lists and budget calculator on the iwedplanner website to keep track of the items you need for your open bar. Planning a wedding is difficult but with the free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and Android you can stay one step ahead of panic mode. Find local wedding liquor distributors on the website some offer great deals too.


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