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How To Create Unique Wedding Wine Champagne And Liquor Punches

Dec 30, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Many brides are dismayed at the high prices of wine, champagne and liquor. Some find that having a bar is just not in their wedding budget. wedding experts agree that when you are on a tight budget it is important to figure out early on what are the most important elements of the wedding to you.
Once you have that set in mind that is where you concentrate the major part of the budget funds. Unfortunately that means that the beverage budget will suffer, there is no one on earth who will forgo getting the wedding dress of her dreams in order to provide her wedding guests with an open bar. If you meet this person please let us know.
               wine and Champagne
Buying beer, wine and liquor from wholesalers is one way to cut costs and serving a signature wedding punch made from them will stretch that dollar even further.  Below you will find several recipes for great wedding punch that in include wine, champagne and liquor.
Champagne and Wine A-Go-Go Juice
1 can frozen limeade concentrate, semi thawed
1 bottle chilled white wine,
2 bottles chilled champagne,
1 liter chilled club soda
1 sliced lemon
fresh mint 1/2 cup
1  package strawberries or 1lb of fresh strawberries (you could substitute frozen raspberries in a pinch)
You can combine all the ingredients in one huge clean pot or several punch bowls if you plan to double or triple the recipe. Save the frozen fruit to be added just before placing the punch out for serving. It is very important that you do not leave out the Mint because this is what gives the punch that extra zip of flavor.
You want to create a stronger more potent punch take your favorite mixed drink recipe such as a Long Island iced tea an increase the amount of ingredients up to the number of servings you would like to make. Any cocktail with at least 5 or more ingredients can be made into a delightful punch. You can also develop your own signature punch by playing around with the ingredients, by adding a subtracting of course, of any cocktail.
When turning a cocktail into a wedding punch you will need to keep in mind several things. Heavy spirit cocktails such as a martini or Manhattan do not translate well and will lose their zest. Also if the cocktail requires any special techniques like muddling or layering they will not make the transition to punch with their flavors intact.
Look for more recipes and ideas for saving your wedding budget by buying wine, champagne and liquor wholesale on the iwedplanner website.


Post By:emmanuelCreated Date:Apr 30, 2014
Wine Champagne And Liquor Punches for the wedding are juts explained in a perfect way so that the couples can plan it easily.
Post By:markCreated Date:Dec 30, 2013
i like the red wine have in wedding party , it was a nice drink for enjoying wedding party
Post By:JoshuaCreated Date:Dec 30, 2013
It's a nice moment to enjoy with friends to drink wine, champagne and liquor in wedding parties. I like article ti remember that events and moments.
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