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How To Cut Cost On Wedding Cakes And Desserts

Nov 15, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

One of the most expensive confections you are ever likely to purchase would be a wedding cake. The cost is not in the ingredients because these are actually quite inexpensive. If you go all out with a 4’ tall cake with 8-9 tiers like the “Queen of Wedding Cakes” is known for you could easily spend over $10,000.00. Unless you are Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez or some other rich or famous person you do not really need a monstrosity that will feed thousands.

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Even though your guest list may only include 100 guests you will still want a wedding cake and dessert bar that makes a statement. The average bride spends at least $300-$500 on all of this. Here are a few tips to help you keep the per slice cost on the low end.


  1. Instead of an expensive multi-tiered labor intensive work of art, that costs $10 or more per slice, use a faux cake for the photographs and staging. These have been around for ages and rent for a lot less than the cost the real thing. You can get fake cakes with up to 5 tiers for about $150-$200 a night. Some are even covered in real fondant.

  2. Make sure that you do not sacrifice taste for savings. One of the reasons that you go to cake tastings at more than one bakery is to be certain that you get a wedding cake that your guests will actually eat. No one wants to into a cake if the frosting tastes like of grease slick and the cake itself is as dry as the Mojave Desert.

  3. Double up: many caterers, country clubs and hotels will often have on staff a pastry chef. While utilizing the in-house pastry chef you often avoid the cake cutting the additional tips the delivery costs and service fees. All of these things were add up if you use an outside bakery. These fees can easily add $100 or more to your total costs.

  4. According to the owner of perfect wedding cake in Marietta, Georgia couture cakes are generally smaller than what we see at celebrity weddings. And this is okay, you can choose the smaller crew to a Kate, but also have some non-stacked sheet cakes made from the same batter and frosting. Once the cake cutting ceremony is over this staff can take the cake into the back and serve from the sheet cakes. This will cost a whole lot less.

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Nice wedding cake design to cut it on our wedding reception. It is a fashion to design variety of wedding cakes. well don ...
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