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How To Determine If You Need To Hire Wedding Planners

Dec 28, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

There are many reasons couples are choosing to forgo the wedding planner and use wedding planning software. What happens to some, not all, is that they find that their lives become consumed with the wedding. They eat, sleep and drink the planning process so much so that it seems they have no life outside of it. Here are the top reasons that many give for not hiring a wedding planner.

1.      Too expensive.

2.      They Can’t do anything that I can’t do myself.

3.      Friends and Family will assist.

4.      I’ll hire a coordinator for  the day and do the rest myself.


Not that we have anything against the bride that really and truly has to plan the wedding herself, there are however some practical reason why you should consider hiring a wedding planner.

                Hire wedding planner

First of all there is no way that you can do it all on your own. Unless you want to risk irreparable damage to relationships the wedding planner is the easy option. These are professionals who will be impartial, family and friends will not. Many will pressure you pressing their own agendas. Think about it the unmarried family and friends will all try to get you to incorporate ideas that they have dreamed of for their own nuptials.


The wedding planner already has a foot in the door with a number of local wedding vendors. The best part about this is that they vendors will give them a better deal because they are counting on repeat business. Even if the wedding venue has a wedding coordinator the savings could be negligible since they will use only vendors that have ads in their brochures or have some other type of deal with them.


The fact is many brides today do not even have the time to spare for wedding planning. They are busy careers and many already have children to take care of. What a wedding planner does for the busy couple is to take care of the countless small decisions that need to be made. They consult with you on the major decisions and after getting a clear vision of what it is you’d like to have they can come up with several designs for the ceremony and reception space for you to approve of.


The wedding planner is not there to take over but to guide you process and coordinate the events on the wedding day itself. The best of the best will be able to assist you in what ever pass the you need them to they will help you refine your ideas so that you get a exactly what you’ve always dreamed. Even better the most experienced wedding planners will analyze what it is you want then help you find the best deals and resources to get it done.


All wedding planners do not charge thousands of dollars but even if the lowest-priced wedding planner is out of your price range there is an option for you. The iwedplanner website has all the same wedding planners software programs that are used by professionals. The website also has articles, forums and blogs that talk about everything from engagement parties to what to do when you come home from the honeymoon. And one of the best parts of planning your wedding the iwedplanner way is that you get to take your wedding plans with you using the free wedding planner apps for iPhone iPad and android.



Post By:JehovaCreated Date:Apr 30, 2014
This is an wonderful post on hiring the wedding planner and how to determine the wedding expenses. Thanks for the wonderful post.
Post By:MarkCreated Date:Dec 28, 2013
If you need best wedding planning you can hire a wedding planner. They only make your wedding good and easy. This article is very useful one for who are all need to hire our weddings.
Post By:MillerCreated Date:Dec 28, 2013
This article explain about why wedding couples needs of wedding planners in weddings.It providing details are absolutely true at the wedding couples point of view.To comparing the wedding planner charges and price of the wedding planner applications, the iwedplanner applications are better than the wedding planner.
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