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How To Estimate The Price Of Wedding Cakes And Desserts

Dec 26, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

If you google looking for an average cost for wedding cakes you are likely to get a number of different prices. The fact is there is actually no way to tell an average cost because each wedding is different and every cake is the sum total of the cost of its ingredients and the time it takes to make it. The more intricate the design the more expensive the cake will cost. The larger the number of people that it has to feed the more expensive the cake will be.

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The most expensive cakes will have the rolled fondant or marzipan frostings. This is simply because it takes much more time to get a perfectly rolled fondant or marzipan since each of them are very delicate and can tear very easily. When the person applying them to the sponges, are not experts, they may have to repeat that over and over until they get it right. The reason why these two choices are popular is because it is like having a blank have this and the decorating choices are limitless.


The most excellent inexpensive way cakes normally would buttercream or ganache. When choosing a cake made with either of these frostings your choices the decorations are our patterns flowers either fresh or silk and swirls. This choice works well for most weddings unless you live in a place where spring and summer, would high heat and humidity and you are planning a wedding door no seasons. Buttercream melts fairly quickly it is for this reason that we recommend fondant or marzipan, you can still keep the cost little lower by using silk flowers or fresh flowers.


The simplest formula for estimating the price of a wedding cake or other dessert is to simply multiply the per slice cost by the number of people that will be attending the wedding. If you are on a tight budget you may want to consider purchasing your wedding cake from a large chain supermarket store that has its own bakery. Often times the Baker’s in the shops can create a beautiful wedding cake for a lot less money. Learn more about wedding cakes and desserts on the iwedplanner website. There you will find all the tools you need to plan the perfect wedding as well as get the same great wedding planner tools for your mobile device. They offer you free wedding planner tools for iPhone iPad and android.



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Estimating my budget on the wedding cakes was with the use of the wedding planner blog. This blog provides all the information that you want for the wedding.
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Nice way to estimate the budget on the wedding cakes it is so nice to go through your blogs daily.
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I hope you are posting a best wedding flower cost estimation planning article.
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