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How To Execute A Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

Nov 27, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Along the road to wedded bliss there are a few stops, and everyone is expecting all of the bells and whistles at every station. Wedding planning is more of an art than a science and the wedding rehearsal dinner is one of the last stops along the route but never the less one of the most important ones. In the past, since the brides family was responsible for the wedding, the grooms family took over the wedding rehearsal dinner. The main reason for the dinner was to introduce the two families and members of the bridal party. It is also a time to say a heartfelt “thank you” to those who helped to plan and pay for the wedding.
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Here are a few simple guidelines to help you keep things well in hand:
  1. Who do you invite?

    Invite everyone in the wedding party. Maid of honor, brides maids, best man, groomsmen and the parents and siblings of the bride and groom. The flower girl and ring bearer and their mom and dad should also be included. This dinner is for anyone who was a part of the rehearsal that should have just taken place.

  1. Flex your creative muscle when planning the wedding rehearsal dinner. This is one place where you can save big. People are happy as long as they can get their grub on. Pizza parties, cookouts and buffets are a great way to save money while still giving a nod to the tradition. It is definitely not acceptable to ask them to pay for their meals but you may want them to pay for their own drinks. Always make sure your guests feel like they are welcome.

  1. Plan out what you are going to say. This is the perfect time for the bride and groom to make short speeches to personally thank everyone for their part in the process. It is also the perfect time to give gifts to the parents and the bridal party.

  1. One of the things that have been the downfall of many wedding rehearsal dinners is sampling the menu that is intended for the wedding reception. It is perfectly acceptable to choose a menu for the dinner that is in keeping with the theme of the wedding but choose different foods than the ones you will serving at the reception.

The most important thing to remember when planning the wedding rehearsal is that it is supposed to be fun. When you get family and friends together with food and drinks the fun will take care of itself. Learn more about wedding planning on the iwedplanner website, they have everything you need to plan the wedding and each event connected to it.



Post By:josephCreated Date:Dec 20, 2013
It is nice information for the new wedding caterers and wedding couples. Many wedding caterers doesn't know how to execute their work.
Post By:markandrosenCreated Date:Nov 27, 2013
woo This was nice article to fine the dinner wedding party and i get new ideas from you website so cool,................
Post By:GifbsCreated Date:Nov 27, 2013
Cute wedding rehearsal dinner arrangements....
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