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How To Find A Wedding Officiant

Dec 03, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Years ago this was not a hard decision, most people belonged to some type of religious society and the clergyman of that society performed the service at their place of worship. Today however, couples are choosing to marry without a religious ceremony. They are planning weddings that showcase their beliefs, values and even hobbies. You still have to have an officiant that can legally perform weddings in your state.
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Who can perform weddings?

State laws generally allow any recognized member of the clergy to perform wedding ceremonies. A court clerk, justices of the peace, or a judge can also officiate at a wedding. In some states there is a way for anyone who wants to perform a wedding ceremony to become an officiant for a day. On the other hand there are some states where even the clergy has to get certified and licensed before they can legally perform as a wedding officiant.
Selecting the right wedding officiant is just as important as selecting the right wedding dress and wedding venue. Not everyone will be open to performing the ceremony in non-traditional ways. If you are planning a wedding that is outside the norm, it is best that your wedding officiant is agreeable and willing to get in the mood of the occasion or theme. The one thing that will affect your choice the most is whether or not the officiant will be able to travel to your intended wedding venue. If you are planning a strictly secular wedding ceremony you may want to look into a justice of the peace or if your state allows it have a friend or relative get ordained for a day.
Getting married in your place of worship is generally a straightforward affair. Although an interview with the person performing the ceremony is still a useful course of action. Below are a few questions to ask when interviewing clergy candidates for the job:
  1. Will you marry us even though we are not members of your church or religion?
  2.  Do you have a problem marrying people who have different faiths?
  3. Do you perform ceremonies for divorcees? Some religions do not allow this so this is an extremely important question if this is a second marriage for either one of you.
  4. Do you require pre-marital counseling before you will officiate a wedding?
  5. Do you have a rule against non-religious people being a part of the wedding ceremony?
  6. Can we write our own wedding vows?
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