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How To Find And Work With A Videographer

Dec 24, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

There is nothing so precious than revisiting the day of your greatest joy. Since the days of the 8mm personal cameras, home movies of weddings have become a tradition for brides-to-be. But today’s bride is no longer satisfied with having “good old uncle Hank”, or some other relative owns a video camera playing director at their wedding. So finding the best wedding videographer in their town becomes another item to check off on the wedding planning to-do list.
The problem that they run into is that everyone with an iPhone is claiming to be a wedding videographer today. So how do you weed out the real professionals from the scam artists is the real question. And once you found your perfect wedding videographer how do you work with him as a team to make sure you have the best wedding movie ever? That is where we come in, keep reading to get some great insight into what you need to do when looking for and working with your wedding videographer.
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One of the first things you need to do when searching for wedding videographer is to find out about their actual experience. Ask probing questions such as, how did you get started filming weddings? What you like most about filming weddings? How long have you been in the wedding industry? How many weddings have you actually been the lead to videographer filming? Ignoring the back story of the person you intend to hire will give you keen insight into their mental process. You can figure out easily whether is a job with them or a vocation.
Another thing you want to know right up front is, how many people will be shooting the video for your wedding? This is important because in order to get a dynamic wedding video it is important that you capture moments from two perspectives. Multiple angles are important for capturing the feel of the event and aid in creating a more dynamic over all video. The beauty of this is also since most videographers are using digital cameras you may not even need to hire a separate wedding photographer. Video everything from the moment the bride arrives to get dress to the staged photography shots at your wedding videographer of will be able to pull stills from his footage.
Asked about their preferred style. Any videographer worth their salt should be able to clearly articulate to you what type of style they prefer. There are several choices cinematic, documentary, or vintage. Your task will be to search around the when and watch wedding videos. Once you get past the point of seeing the same old bride and groom theme, you can begin to concentrate on your feelings. How did the wedding video make you feel? What about it inspires you? And, what were the things about it you did not like? Let your potential wedding videographer view these samples so that they get an idea of what you are looking for.
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Finding the best videographer is the toughest job and this blog helped is in finding and work in best way with the wedding videographer.
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