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How To Guide For Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Musicians

Dec 21, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Everyone wants to have totally unique wedding ceremony. Personalizing the song selection for major parts of the wedding ceremony can help you to do just that. Much of it depends on where you choose to hold the wedding ceremony. There are some wedding venues such as churches or other religious facilities that require stick to a strict format. Most couples today are choosing to use a neutral venue so that they have more control over the decorations, the vows and the wedding ceremony music. If you have a clear vision for the ceremony itself, pulling off a great music program to accompany it is not all that hard.
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There are five sections of the ceremony that will require music. You can of course have as many selections as you like. Whatever you think your friends and family will be willing to sit through. We will share with you the parts and the types of music and feelings that you should want to evoke during that time period.
  • Depending on how early you expect your guest to arrive before the ceremony is to begin the Prelude music should start at least 15-30 minutes before the grand entrance of the wedding party.
  • The Procession should have at least pieces of music. One for the ushers, another for the bridesmaids and then with a flourish another piece to welcome in the bride.
  • If the couple is planning to do something special during the ceremony they may want to have a special piece of music to accompany this. A soft hymn while a reading is being performed during a unity celebration is one of the trendiest inclusions in wedding ceremonies today.
  • The Recession music should be a celebration. Upbeat, joyous and a fitting tribute to the occasion.
  • Keep the music going until all guests have left the venue.
As you probably have already guessed the non-traditional venues will allow you more music options. When using a house of worship clear all song choices before the wedding day. Many do not allow secular music or contemporary Christian. Learn more about wedding ceremony music etiquette and wedding planning on the iwedplanner website. If you are planning the wedding on the site download the free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Post By:jonesCreated Date:Dec 21, 2013
Beautiful wedding musicians photo gallery.
Post By:jonesCreated Date:Dec 21, 2013
Beautiful wedding musicians photo gallery.
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