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How To Guide For Guest Accommodations

Dec 20, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Planning a wedding is one tasks that never gets any easier. Every little detail has to be attended to in the most efficient and cost effective manner as possible. One of the most stress filled items to plan are the wedding guest accommodations. While you are no longer expected to pay for their rooms, your guest will thank you for being kind enough to save them the time and effort of searching, after such a long journey.
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You will find many articles telling you that you can save your wedding guests money by allowing them to stay with friends and relatives. While this is true they will save money it will be a strain on everyone and no matter how much your friends and relatives say that it will not be a bother, believe me, it will. And think about the people that you’re asking to stay at someone’s home they do not know. They may have brought the children with them which will be stressful enough with out having to worry about whether to go to break someone’s crystal vase. Below you will find five tips showing you how you can help your guests find savings on wedding guest accommodations.
  1. Hotel rooms can cost hundreds of dollars a night for 200 ft.² room with a small closet size bathroom. There are alternatives to an expensive hotel room and one of those is a vacation home rental. You can find homes that rent for less than 500 weekend and that can accommodate up to 10 people. Think about it yet 10 people paying over $100 a night for a hotel room if it’s a three night stay each person is spending $300 that’s over three grand. With the house rental each person pays a whole lot less.
  1. Reserving a block hotel rooms is also an option. Brides better tackling the wedding planning process themselves will approach this concept would a bit of fear. They are afraid of reserving the rooms and having to put down his deposit and then losing that deposit if the rooms are fully rented. What you may not understand is that most hotels will allow you to do what is called a courtesy block. You can request the block on 10 rooms without having to put a deposit down and most often are offered a discounted rate. Although hotels will only allow you to do 10 rooms once you get eight or nine of the rooms booked you can add another 10 rooms.
  1. If you cannot find a hotel that offer courtesy block bookings it is best that you get a good idea of how many of your wedding guests will actually be booking a room. The more accurate you can be the better because most hotels charge fee, they require that you feel at least 80% of the reserve rooms.
  1. One way to ensure that you get a good rate on the room to is to make certain that there are no conventions, sports events, graduations or other big happening in your city during the time you’re planning your wedding. If the hotel is not expecting a big crowd they generally don’t want those rooms to sit empty and will offer you a better discount.
  1. When you book a block of rooms you will be given it cut off date it is your job to make sure that every out-of-town guest knows that they must will the rooms by this date to be assured to discount rate. Once the hotel releases those rooms they go back to their normal rate and there’s no guarantee that rooms will be available in the same hotel for last-minute reservations.


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