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How To Guide For Health And Beauty Before The Wedding

Nov 01, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Although the natural glow of happiness that comes every bride is beautiful, but there are things you can do to help that go be even brighter. Having a dedicated health and beauty regimen in the months leading up to your wedding day will ensure your skin looks perfect and your body is tight and toned.
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Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute
Experts all agree you should begin your wedding health and beauty routines. At least three of four months before your expected wedding date. It is helpful to begin a scheduled series of facial. These should be done once a month to Detox the skin with the final facial being done at least two weeks before the wedding. Do your research before choosing someone to do your facials. Do not be fooled you should look better after a facial, there seems to be a misconception that if your face is red and skin looks bad that it is a sign of a good facial. The experts disagree.
It Is A Matter Of Time
The last thing you want is for your face to be blotchy on your wedding day.  Avoid doing things like chemical peels, dermabrasions or  anything else that might give you an allergic reaction. If the bridal party is considering fillers and botox these too should be done at least 2-3 weeks in advance. There will always be some residual bruising and to this end it is best to give you face more healing time. Cool touch laser treatments that are used to tighten pores can be done a week before the wedding date. Avoid trying new products because you do not know how your chemistry will react. If you want to try a new shampoo, conditioner, relaxer or makeup experiment a  month out giving you enough time to notice any adverse reactions and to heal from them.
Stress is a leading cause of acne breakouts and there is no more stressful time than those last few days leading up to the wedding. That is when the dreaded wedding day pimple may decide to rear its ugly head. If you feel it coming on a day or two before you can try the “toothpaste solution”. Dab a bit of toothpaste (must be paste not gel) onto the pimple let dry overnight. This generally will shrink the pimple. White heads also respond well to hot compresses. The hot compress will reduce it, follow up with a cold compress and a bit of benzyl peroxide. It is also a good idea to refresh tired red skin with cool compresses soaked in either chamomile tea or milk.
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