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How To Guide Formal Wear For Big And Tall Men

Nov 09, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

When you receive that wedding invitation or if you are a groom that has a bit more girth than the average guy, you know that it is hard to find a normal suit that fits well let alone a Tuxedo, right. In the past there was only one option for a man of height or girth and that was having the item tailor-made. This is not an option that many can afford today and it is also not necessary unless you just want to go that route. Here are some tips from experts in the formalwear industry that will help you get a great fit.
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Weak Shoulders With A Gut
If you want to camouflage an expanding waistline the best option is to use shoulder pads. This will take the focus off your wider yours because eyes are automatically drawn upwards. If you already have broad shoulders, shoulder pads could be the death of your look. Chances are they will only make you look like you’re going to football game and you are the star player.
Lapels Wide Or Skinny
If you’re large wide lapels will only serve to make you look even bigger. A thin lapel with a rounded age gives the appearance of the longer and leaner body. When you’re trying on tuxedo coats try own both and see which one looks better. Be conscious of this one when choosing tuxedos and formal wear for your groomsmen. You want each one of them to look their very best. No matter what size they are.
Pinching Pants
With all the eating and drinking going on at the wedding reception your stomach will swell thus causing your pants to pitch a bit. In order to feel your best throughout the night consider getting pants that is adjustable. No, we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill pants elastic in the waist. Tuxedo pants or other formal wear pants that have a way to adjust the fit right inside of the waistband.
The Collar
Even a skinny guy will look a bit pudgier around the face in an ill fitting collar. The perfect fit for any shirt is to be able to put a finger in between the neck and collar. Only one finger mind you, any more than that and the collar will be too loose. An well fitting collar on a tuxedo or formal wear shirt makes a huge difference to the overall fit and look of the garment and the man wearing it.
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This article for helpful to all big and tall mens to getting our wedding dresses...
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